June 30th, 2011

Bridesmaids - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

For some, “Mrs. Claus” is a fashion icon.

(submitted by Alex)

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  1. PJ says:

    The only reason for bridesmaids dresses like this is revenge.

  2. Leonardo says:

    Well.. You know the brides ALWAYS make sure to choose the most ugly bride maid dresses…She chose right this time…

  3. Jamie says:

    Whats with the stuffed animals in the corners???

  4. Sharon Richman says:

    Danielle, I didn’t know your family was closer then I thought with the Mayflower.

  5. Annie says:

    The bridesmaid on the far right, her hair is as big as a country western singer from the seventies. Her hair is big enough to have its own wedding and a separate honeymoon. I wonder how long it took them to do this to her hair?

  6. Jeff says:

    Where was the wedding held? Whoville? Look, even the little pink dog is thinking…..WTF?!?!?

  7. pati says:

    I have to say, PURPLE has always been my favorite color, TIL NOW!!!!!!!!! that is hideous! Sorry to the bride, but i think i’d have had a ‘rethink’ the day of the wedding and said “JEANS ARE FINE GIRLS!”

  8. Uncuw Biww says:

    Oh gak, I’m having a bad acid flashback!!!

  9. Chip says:

    What’s really funny is that this picture was taken Saturday, June 4th, 2011 in a carefully coordinated “vintage” photo mockup. Penelope, the bride, has a kick ass sense of humor!

    • Michelle says:

      Yeah, that totally ruins it. Although I applaud the work, it looks authentic.

    • Lisa says:

      That’s the day this vintage picture was posted to the site. That poodle is freaking me out hahahahahahaha

    • cagney says:

      This wedding WAS back in the 70’s . . it was not a “vintage” mockup. And the brides name is not Penelope. June 4th 2011 was when it was submitted. I knew 4 of those people including the bride.

  10. Nathan Kinkel says:

    and they’re smiling

  11. Brigitte says:

    This is why you should never go ultra trendy on your wedding day. In years to come you look back and think…..WHY!?

  12. Tanya says:

    I’m not sure what cracked me up more, the pink stuffed poodle, the stuffed penguin, the velvet painting on the wall, the bows on the lampshade, or the woman on the far left with missing teeth! I think it’s definitely got to be the missing teeth. ROFL

  13. Mike says:

    “You can totally wear it again.”

  14. Kimm says:

    Oh… My… God! Worst bridesmaid dresses EVER.

  15. Lina says:

    I was green with envy when I wasn’t asked to be in a cousin’s wedding, it was 1976 I believe. They had white faux fur muffs as well and their dresses were green velvet.

    I just know all these bridesmaids knew they were so groovy!

    The black velvet painting on our wall was a sad clown…ha!

    Those were the days!

  16. Don says:

    Judging from the velvet painting on the wall, I’ll bet the Herb Albert and the Tiajuana Brass album is playing in the background.

  17. jersygrl says:

    imagine…40 years from now people are gonna be looking at wedding pics from today and saying, “ewww…wtf were they thinking??”

  18. chris f says:

    These hairstyles are a cross between Tammy Wynette and Martha Washington. Nice.

  19. Tree SB says:

    What would possess them to pose stuffed animals next to them?
    Wow, so wonderfully awful!!

  20. 80sgirl says:

    Ohhh,NO. Victorian theme gone WRONG. My mom had practically the same wedding gown, but she wore a white straw hat with a veil.

  21. Penny Diamond says:

    This is atrociously wonderful in it’s entirety. I don’t think anyone has mentioned the decoration on the lamp that looks like it is part of the hat on the bridesmaid on the far left – just perfect!

    • Cindo says:

      Oh my hell. This is 2nd time I’ve looked at this and thought it WAS part of her hat. Originally a lesson in poor taste has turned into a lesson of poor vision! Thanks for pointing that out.

    • DeeDeeDeeDee says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. I was wondering what was going on there!

  22. Purple Reign says:

    Believe it or not this was probably high fashion back then. Which makes sense when you think about how much acid people were dropping during this era.

  23. melissa says:

    I think this must have been the style for a brief second in the 70s because my aunt dressed my mom up in a very similar bridesmaid dress. My aunt even wore a fur trimmed bridal hood. Very sad.

  24. deej says:

    I think this is where Kate Middleton gets her hat inspiration

  25. Michelle says:

    Poor poor pink poodle!

  26. Cat says:

    The flowergirl. She frightens me. That smile is the mask that covers an evil mastermind.

  27. Jim says:

    The girl in pink, her head is tilting from the mass of curls that are claiming her…

  28. amanda says:

    what were they thinking thts just horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!tht should b illegal!!!!!!!!

  29. Lydia says:

    Am I the only one getting a Cindy Lou Who vibe here? This is something out of Doctor Seuss!

  30. lynette says:


  31. binkymae says:

    “Don’t you just love the dresses…ahhhh yes….and the best part is that you will be able to wear them again.”

  32. Cheryl says:

    I want to see a picture of the bridesmaids and groomsmen with the bride and groom. I bet there are lavender ruffled shirts in those pictures! I am thinking late 60s???

  33. Tim Adkins says:

    I think the second one from the left is actually pulling it off. The rest are just a nightmare.

  34. Charles says:

    AND…fashion citations should be issued for…wearing white shoes when it was CLEARLY after Labor Day (given the fur trimmed muffs)

  35. barbiegee says:

    ghastly. but having the penguin there makes all the difference.

  36. Modine says:

    I bet this is what comes from having the groom’s family as bridesmaids instead of the bride’s choice of her own friends. What year was this? Can you even still get those handwarmer thingies, whatever they’re called? I haven’t seen those in decades.

  37. Di says:

    Bridesmaids to Bride: “Wait! You can’t be serious! Your colors are pink & purple? The dresses are trimmed in faux fur? We get to carry a muff adorned with a homemade ribbon? AND we get to wear these bitchin’ headpieces to top off the entire ensemble? SA-WEET!!!! We’re the luckiest bridesmaids EVER!”

    Kate & Pippa, eat your hearts out!!

  38. No Capes says:

    I’m digging the enormous cabinet TV and the two-ton Hi-Fi stacked with LPs that the group is standing in front of.

  39. Hans Moleman says:

    These are the love children of the Easter Bunny and Mrs. Claus…

  40. Darla says:

    The Tuscan tapestry sets the mood.

  41. steph says:

    I would like to see the tuxes that walked them down the aisle. Were they a nice shade of lavendar? A black tux surely would clash.

  42. JT says:

    The curling iron was busy that day.

  43. B says:

    I would have thought that, just once, this bride would’ve doubted her theme in the seemingly endless months that it must have taken for her aunt or mother to make those ensembles. I’ll give her credit for making a decision and sticking with it. I can just hear her exclaiming now, “No Aunt Pansy, the faux fur on the dresses and muffs is definitely NOT enough! We must have something elegant for their hairpieces as well! Why do I even try to reason with you!” (Stomps off in anger)

  44. Mary says:

    Wow. I have worn some horrendous bridesmaids dresses in my life but these win hands down!! I want to see the pictures from the reception too. I need to see what the mother of the bride wore!! As horrific as this picture is…I want more!! LOL

    • Rose says:

      Agree!! More! I want to see the whole wedding album AND the home movies. Oh, please let there be home movies!!

      That being said. I LOVE and ADORE this photo.

  45. HB says:

    I think the pink stuffed poodle makes this picture

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