Through The Looking Glass 2

August 9th, 2011

Through The Looking Glass 2 - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is photo of me on my wedding day before the ceremony started. The photographer told me to pretend I was looking out the window to see if my soon to be husband had arrived. I always thought it was such a goofy picture because I couldn’t see a thing out that stained glass window.”

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  1. junassicpark says:

    It took me a while to figure this out also. You can see her chin between her dress and hand. Her head is tilted down with her forehead, covered in hair, right above her fingers on her hand. Her left eye really isn’t visible and the tendrils fall along her her cheek. The tendrils are parted from the rest of her hair making the one look like it could be an eye. Her mouth isn’t visible at all.

  2. Gak! says:

    Let’s see . . . a bride looking “through” an opaque stained glass window, taken at an angle that skews the perspective so badly that it’s hard to recognize parts of her face. I hope the other photos were better!

  3. shan says:

    Before reading the description, I thought she was wiping away a tear…

  4. beatrix says:


  5. Nikki says:

    How funny! Love the story behind it, makes my eyes hurt when I imagine the feat of trying to stare through stained glass 🙂

  6. natkat says:

    I can kind of see it. The black dot above the rightmost tendril looks like an eye. It just keeps going downhill from there.

  7. chris says:

    I think this is the most confusing picturethath i ever saw.

  8. dani says:

    Looks like you are crying right before you are going to begin your walk down the isle… can’t believe a pro photographer would get a shot like that on your big day. Hopefully the other pics are better.

  9. Silvia says:

    Hello! That’s me in the picture. I will put your minds at ease and tell you I indeed have a face. I never thought there would be any confusion about this pic! I’m totally facing the window. You can see my left arm down at my side. It was 1995 so those tendrils hanging down the side of my face were very in at the time! lol My left eye and my nose are barely visible. Hope this clears it up, didn’t mean to creep people out! lol

    • Shawna says:

      I don’t understand how the confusion began…it is clearly a side shot of your head..

    • KateW says:

      Yeah, it’s obvious to me where your face is. I don’t get the confusion either.

    • Ann-Christin says:

      Thank you! Now I see it 🙂

    • cece23 says:

      I dont understand how anyone isn’t confused. Where is your hand, is it above your eye or below? And the shadow above your hand I take it to be a reflection in the window then? I have looked and looked and I just don’t see it.

    • jen says:

      yeah the clump of hair that your 2nd tendril descends from looks like an eye and the 1st tendril looks like its reflection. so your face looks ‘duplicated’. really bizarre and what a horrible idea for a picture. lol

  10. boredatwork says:

    I’m glad there’s proof that I’m not alone in “the bridal photographer made me do it” category!! Mine told me to pretend like I was smelling my boquet – I informed her that it was silk and 20 years from now I’d remember it was silk and that it would be a silly picture to have. She just stood there, looking at me blankly like she didn’t understand my point. So, I begrudgingly obliged in order to get on with the pictures I did want…..Now I have this funny proof of me glaring at the camera over the top of my boquet “sniffing” it…..At least it is good for a laugh – much like this one!!

  11. Rick says:

    Does this bride have a face anywhere in that picture? I’ve been looking at the picture trying to figure out what we’re looking at …. I finally found the long curls that totally disorient the viewer …… a really strange picture for sure.

  12. Kristie says:

    I *still* can’t see where you face begins or ends …. I’m looking at the curls, and thinking maybe I need glasses or something. Agreed, I’m sure you looked beautiful, but this is like a Magic Eye photo for me!

  13. It's me! Dee! says:

    What I find so wrong about this photo is the bride waiting for the groom to arrive. Even it is pretend the groom always waits for the bride. Never the other way round.

  14. Carol says:

    OHHHH! It took me forever to figure out the face and hand configuration without seeing it like a Picasso face. Now that I can see it, my mind still still wants to go back to the Picasso, and I have to work hard to see it the correct way. This picture is weird in so many ways.

    • Meena says:

      I’m with you except that…I still can’t see the face! It does look like a Picasso pic. Even after the bride explained it, I just don’t get it! Waaaaah!!

      • Rachel says:

        you have to zoom in to see the pic the right way. But even after discovering where her face is, its still hard to see correctly.

  15. Doe says:

    This photo seriously creeps me out. I can’t tell where her face begins or ends. Plus if I squint the long brown curls look like two hairy eyes staring at me. Make it stop…

  16. Carol says:

    Oh, gack. I flat out told my photographer that I wasn’t going to “pretend” to do anything. Either we did it, or we didn’t! Also not a fan of those nauseating “let’s put our hands together and stare lovingly at our rings” or “hey, bridesmaids, make a frame from your bouquets around the bride’s head”.

  17. ronnie says:

    I think her curls make it look like her cheek is a mile long……

  18. Surreall says:

    Now we see through a glass darkly, but still face to face.

  19. 626 says:

    It looks like you’re making shadow puppets

  20. CarrieM says:

    Was Picasso your photographer? It looks like you have two profiles and two noses on the same side of your face. I’m sure you’re a lovely bride but we can’t see you.

  21. Rachel says:

    her curls make it look like her profile was cloned in the middle of her face – i had to zoom in to realize that it was her curls and not a photoshop blooper. And agreed – try to look through the opaque stained glass…

    • voltron says:

      Glad you mentioned zooming it. It definitely makes the picture a lot less creepy. Her curls are giving her a weird two face effect.

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