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September 24th, 2011

Win Win - Behind The Awkwardness

The award was for the 1979 Boulder High School marching band winning the best in the state. I played the snare drum, which was extra hard since I had to use one hand to keep my dress/kilt down in case a swift updraft whooshed by. Even though the outfit is gone, I still have the trophy and always manage to bring it on first dates as a conversation starter.

– “Mitch, what’s that 3 foot trophy doing on the table?!”
– “Oh, that old thing? Lemme tell ya a story, m’lady…!”

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89 Responses to “Win Win”

  1. Lotso says:

    Love the glasses. In the 80s I got a pair of big glasses and decided to get them tinted cinnamon. Unfortunately when I got them they looked more pink. My parents said too bad and I was stuck with them. Oh yeah, I am a dude.

  2. lux says:

    Young Alx Rose?

  3. minke h says:

    Thanks Mitch, My curiosity has been cured. I don’t wanna know what’s worn under a kilt anymore. Yikes!

  4. Tom says:

    Nice story Mitch. So, do you still look awkward?

  5. Paul Beck says:

    Oh, I remember this uniform very, very well. Yes I do. One of the parents from our crosstown rival band wrote a letter of complaint to say that she was Scottish and that these kilts were not at all authentic because they didn’t “swish properly” when we marched.

  6. Diana Bartlett says:

    Hello , just one question mitch, was that for boulder high in colorado??

  7. kris says:

    this does not look awkward at all

  8. Greg says:

    Mitch, you need to wear that to B-Fest.

  9. Graeme says:

    Great photo! I’m Scottish myself but, like most of us these days, rarely wear a kilt (commando mode, naturally) except at weddings or balls. However, one thing I did notice is that you’re not wearing a sporran – normally that’s a cardinal sin, as it’s what visually distinguishes a kilt from a “skirt”!

  10. Rosalie says:

    Oh, Mitch… I am SO glad the years have been kind to you; despite my kind-hearted nature, I’m not sure I’d have become friends with the high-school you. But I need to clarify one point: are you saying that after giving up the giant bass drum, you no longer have “that huge thing attached to your front”? That’s not what I hear….

  11. Lance says:

    Great picture! I

    • THX! My son, who is now the same age as I was in the photo asked how long I looked that goofy. I told him within a year most of that awkward growing mess cleared up. Luckily, I think I took the bullet for both of us, his phase is but a bump while mine was an earthquake.

  12. Jane in Fort Smith says:

    I agree with the poster who’d like to see a current photo!

  13. dpittman70 says:

    Wait. Did everybody in the band receive a big trophy or did Mitch get the trophy to himself for being a drummer? That’s quite a prize for every band member.

    • It’s the collective marching band trophy. Possibily sittin’ in a glass case at Boulder High as I type!

      • Katelyn says:

        I’m in a competitive marching band and we’re playing a Celtic show this year. The band wears a plaid sash and the drumline wears kilts. We have the state championship on Sunday. I just wanted to make sure we were still the cool kids.

  14. Anon says:

    Mitch–dig up the outfit and dong and post a current pic of yourself!

  15. Kristie says:

    I love the story as much if not more than the photo ….. this guy is hilarious. 🙂

  16. gina says:

    It’s Groundskeeper Willie’s year book photo! 🙂 Seriously, great pic Mitch! Thanks for sharing!

  17. cobi says:

    The tinted sheilds really tie the whole look together!! Nice!!

  18. Susan says:

    Gee, does this bring back memories!! I was in the band front of the marching unit of the Owen J. Roberts High School (PA). Band members (musicians) wore uniforms similar to the guards at Buckingham Palace…black pants, red jackets and big ‘bear’ hats. But the band front got to wear kilts, white shirts with the tartan sashes and glengarry with black, red and white dicing. Ours were the Royal Stewart tartan but this Yellow Gordon is pretty rockin’ too!!! RIP Fred Davies!!!

  19. Cindy says:

    So did everyone get their pictures taken with the trophy or was this your parents’ idea? I’m just wondering if we’re going to be deluged with 40 other similar photos.

  20. Jane in Fort Smith says:

    Mitch, you are making me remember my own band years, around the same time as yours, when groups like CHICAGO made it cool to be a band geek! Add me to the list of everybody diggin’ your photo.

  21. Thanks for all the comments! Glad everyone’s finding this pic from yesteryear just as funny as I think it is!

  22. esackman says:

    Okay! I’ll bite. What does a snare drummer wear under his kilt?

  23. Maureen says:

    You have to tell us how your life turned out. I need to know that you survived this.

  24. Orange says:

    I’m in love. Marry me?

    • Let me see the size of the ring first.

      • Nola Norton says:

        Well, I don’t have a ring, per se, but I DO have a BASS trophy that I won, one July 4 family event! Will that do? ALSO, I was a SNARE Drummer in MY school’s marching band, Lowell Sr. High, Lowell, Mi. Our school was so small, at graduation ceremonies, we Seniors who were in the band had to perform the “Pomp and Circumstance” interlude, THEN leave our places to accept our diplomas. “will you take the fish trophy?”

  25. Sidekick says:

    Mitch, you are awesome!

  26. Pipergirl says:

    You realise this picture is doing the round of my pipe band faster than anti-chafing powder, don’t you?

  27. Pipergirl says:

    Lucky you were able to match your tartan to your hair colour

  28. ScoutC says:

    Does this photo show up only one day every 32 years? (“Brigadoon” reference for those not familiar with Scottish-themed movie musicals).

  29. Candysland says:

    You had ME at “M’Lady”. Haven’t been called that since the Ren Fair.

  30. JS says:

    What’s with the mini Hefty garbage bags on his wrists?

  31. Gotta love a man in a kilt — but I think I’ll pass on those glasses. 🙂 (Ah, the 70s!)

  32. TexAirhead says:

    But BHS’s colors were purple and gold. Why was the kilt outfit black? I graduated from there about 3 years later.

    • The drum line and rifles always dressed differently than the rest of the marching band. I had the giant bass drum my first year there. You’d end up with big bruises after practice with that huge thing attached to your front. Glory Days!

  33. Nan says:

    What? You didn’t keep the beret?

  34. rinaz says:

    3 foot dong … hehehehehe! *laughs juvenilely*

  35. LRC says:

    ok, this has to be the best one yet…

  36. cocamojoe says:

    Do you still have the glasses, hat and sash?

    • All the wardrobe is lost to the ages! Who knows, maybe it’ll come back into style (not that it ever was “in style”) and you’ll see something just like it at Target one of these days.

  37. What is the trophy “DOING” on the table, is how it should read! 🙂

  38. G$ says:

    That he is still having first dates 30 years later and using this as a conversation starter speaks volumes.

    Oh. And “3 foot trophy dong . . . ” Hehehe.

  39. The Beeb says:

    The picture itself is too wonderful for words, but your story makes it even better, Mitch! Best tactic I’ve heard of in a long time!

  40. Bama says:

    I was in “Neo Opus”, my school’s select choir, at Mapleton High School in Adams County (just down the turnpike from you) that same year. And you just made me feel better about the black polyester jumpsuit and black pleather square toed side zip ankle boots I was forced to wear while performing. Not a LOT better, some wounds never completely heal, but every little bit helps.

  41. Hewahine says:

    Which leads to the question – was the kilt worn properly? 🙂

  42. chris f says:

    I figure Mitch must be a very self confident man. If he wasn’t, we would have never been allowed to view this beauty. The hat, braces, sash, dress/kilt, tinted specs and trash bag cuffs…….it’s all good! Who knows, one day Mitch may get a SECOND date:) Something tells me he has a great sense of humor and plenty of dates.

  43. bard says:

    3 foot trophy dong? on a first date?

  44. jamie anne says:

    hahahahahah@trophy dong

    *yes i know it is a misspelling, but i most hilarious/unfortunate one at that!*

  45. jeeps says:

    I think wearing the Kilt outfit would be a better conversation starter

  46. Janelle says:

    That’s less of an awkward photo and more of an awkward story — past AND present.

  47. ALN says:

    Love the Hefty bag sleeves!

  48. Vera says:

    You had me at “3 foot trophy dong”… 😉

  49. Mic C says:

    You would have had me with the tam o’ shanter, but a three ‘foot trophy dong’ is icing on the cake!

    • Cjw says:

      Nikki Lovely – I absolutely love your pirtecus i plan on being married at the dream and its because of these gorgeous pics.. SInce visiting the D.R. in 2008 i have always wanted to get married there, but your pics brought it to life for me.. amazing and you all look so happy and in love I love it.. congrats.

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