Seeing Red

September 27th, 2011

Seeing Red - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is a picture of my mom & I at a Civil War reenactment. To this day I cannot understand why we would want to take a picture with a man who is wearing an apron covered in fake blood. I was just as freaked out then as I am now. Oh, and loving the outfit, Mom!”

(submitted by Jenna)

32 Responses to “Seeing Red”

  1. Chris says:

    something about this really made me laugh…I think it is the poor little girl staring at the blood smeared apron…how do you explain this to a child?? Why would you take this picture????

  2. pissedchef says:

    That beard is amazing enough to have lines in the reenactment!

  3. binkymae says:

    The pretend doctor got pretend blood on him from the pretend injuries of the pretend soldiers….or he made blackberry cobbler for everyone while the pretend fight was going on.

  4. Quinn says:

    Nice. I always love a good Civil War reenactment.

  5. Sidekick says:


  6. Sidekick says:

    The “blood” isn’t all that scary looking to me… looks more like he just finished canning a big batch of strawberry preserves!

  7. hushupp says:

    He is a Union Surgeon. Surgery back then wasn’t neat and tidy.

    • CarrieM says:

      Obviously that’s the intention, but it looks more like he had an accident with a couple of bottles of blush.

    • KG says:

      Ok, I get the surgeon part but…. why would you need to “re-enact” a Civil War surgery? Are they re-enacting amputations?? Are they re-enacting a surgeon saying “well, there’s not much I can do for you, sorry you’re going to die.”?? I just don’t get that part of a so-called re-enactment.

      • mrsmarvel says:

        Actually, yes they do reenact amputations. It is more for show and fun, I guess, because they get some of the young boys from the military camps to play the patients, and those boys will holler and carry on while the surgical assistants hold them down and the surgeon “amputates” the leg and then throws it in a basket off to the side. The entire time, the surgeon or an assistant is explaining 1860s surgical techniques to the crowd watching – a lecture that inspires more horror than the faux amputation ever will.

  8. Me Again... says:

    Keep your eye on him, Baby… keep your eye on THAT one for sure!

  9. JS says:

    So … what was this guy’s job in the war? Did he slice, dice and sautee his enemy?
    The little girl is the only one in the photo making any sense. Her “HUH?” look says it all.

  10. Hewahine says:

    Bring Your Kid to Work Day 1864? @_0

  11. Andy says:

    The baby is thinking, “That’s what I look like when I spill my cherry Koolaide….”

  12. To this day he cannot look at a jar of Smuckers without thinking about the war.

  13. Jesus, what did he do? Saw off Strawberry Shortcake’s arm?

  14. Doe says:

    Doc Sawbones.

  15. April says:

    Did he just deliver a calf or something! Gross! 🙂

  16. The South shall… pretend to rise again.

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