Season’s Greetings

October 13th, 2011

Season’s Greetings - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Chauncey couldn’t contain his excitement about Christmas.

(submitted by Chauncey)

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  1. Malkah says:

    Isn’t it bad enough that Christian kids have to go through the trauma of learning their parents lied to them about Santa Claus? But the humiliating photo, too?? LOL..this is too much.

    Is that a sword in your hand or are you just that excited to see me?

  2. Redbone says:

    Okay this is hilarious.

  3. John says:


  4. Dawn Appelberg says:

    Umm I am more concerned as to what looks like blood spatter across teh glove of Santa and the wall…

  5. Lotso says:

    I feel awful. Santa never grabbed my butt.

  6. Isabel says:

    OMG….this is one of my favorites.

  7. Kris says:

    I work at a Medieval Times castle and the other day we had a Christmas Party with Santa and a bunch of balloon swords were made just like he’s holding. Makes me wonder if that’s what went down here….

  8. qwerk says:

    Is that blood on the wall, balloon, and on santa?

  9. Pebbles Flintstone says:

    Best. Picture. Ever. LOL

    • Kevin Fillingim says:

      You obviously have not seen the picture on this site of the guy with the axe tan, or the guy swinging his shirt from atop a bale of hay.

  10. qp says:

    LOL – why…..WHY?!

  11. Pops says:

    That Santa appears to have a Vulcan death-grip on Chauncey’s left cheek. At forst I thought “hope the lad wasn’t scarred for life”, but I read where he’s now an artist who spills his paint a lot. He may have some issues to discuss with a therapist.

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