Patriot Games

October 15th, 2011

Patriot Games - July 4th

Only an American would be cocky enough to attempt a back-of-the-handshelf.

(submitted by Thomas)

34 Responses to “Patriot Games”

  1. Cali says:

    This photo was done at a portrait studio located inside of a Wal-Mart…where most of the photographers were awkward 😉

  2. Mickster says:

    USA and their over use of that damn flag, it’s so beyond patriotism, it’s more like national insecurity :/

  3. Ducky says:

    So I proudly hand-shelf next to her and defend her still today…cuz there ain’t no don’t I love this land…..God bless the USA!

  4. PC says:

    Is she General Patton’s mother?

  5. srl says:

    I cannot place her but I swear I know this woman!!

  6. Dave says:

    You have seen my picture……… Dismissed!

  7. Snowrider says:

    Could be a lot worse people… At least she’s fully clothed and there are no strategically placed cats.

  8. justme says:

    The hair is probably more awkward to me than the pose. Although, honestly, an older adult woman with a severe haircut leaning in to a playful, childish position….in front of the flag no less….well yeah it’s all pretty bad 🙂

  9. Sharon says:

    Am I the only one fascinated by her eyebrows? They are like tiny little dove’s wings…

  10. Juno says:

    I really love this one. The comments are hilarious!

  11. Krisy says:

    Note the awkward fuzz on her left shoulder…presumably from the white shag carpeting she is leaning upon.

  12. Trek Girl says:

    Meh. I honestly do not think this picture is awkward.

    • loshallott says:

      A 50ish adult woman + getting a professional portrait done alone + getting one done with an American flag background +in a pose usually reserved for infants who cannot sit unsupported + a backward handshelf = VERY AWKWARD INDEED!!!

      • Trek Girl says:

        Nope, I still don’t find it awkward. It’s a little funny, but her age, the fact that she is getting the picture taken alone (I don’t understand how that qualifies as awkward at all, and it’s possible that she was with people in other shots taken that day), the fact that the background is a flag, and the pose, don’t add up to awkward for me.

        Awkwardness, for me, is relative. There are extremely awkward portraits on this site that set the awkward-bar pretty high, and because of those portraits, this one just doesn’t seem awkward to me.

    • CarrieM says:

      Wow. I’m amazed someone could find that pose natural.

  13. ScoutC says:

    If fully grown, adult American citizens are neither physically strong enough to hold their heads up without the assistance of a hand-shelf nor psychologically strong enough to tell a photographer who suggests such a pose, “Hell, no!” then we are in BIG trouble.

  14. jaklumen says:

    Duck hands are the foundation of this great nation.

  15. armchair hero says:

    And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free. . .to pose awkwardly in front of the American flag.

  16. Jan says:

    I thought a salute was nearer the forehead region… tee-hee… not under the chin…

  17. Kootie says:

    i thought this was a pose they only made infants do when they’re not strong enough to sit up…

  18. chmichnga says:

    American exceptionalism at its finest. Take THAT, terrorists!

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