October 31st, 2011

Bridebathers - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Originally, there were more in her bridal party, but they wouldn’t fit in the tub.

(submitted by Trae)

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  1. Miss Obnoxious says:

    They heard that they were supposed to get their photo taken at the bridal shower… and so, they got into the Bridal Shower for their picture.

  2. Bob says:

    Hope they didn’t spend too much money on the photographer…

  3. 80sgirl says:

    I’ve never known anyone to let the wedding party take a gander at what appears to be the honeymoon suite…unless this room was just for the bride when everyone came from out of town prior to the ceremony.

  4. kelle says:

    guys, the bride doesn’t have any legs. they positioned them like that so it looked as if the bride was just sitting in front of them and it worked since none of you noticed.

  5. Diane says:

    Bathtub aside, that is one beautiful bride!

  6. Golly Gee says:

    who thought this was a good idea for a photo? Can’t imagine finding this in my wedding album

    • Lisap says:

      I have a group a friends from university who take bath tub photos. One girl live in a really nice one bedroom apartment she had subletted and hosted most social gatherings. Unlike everyone else in student housing, she had a huge bathroom with a shower and Jacuzzi tub.

      I don’t know how it started (a weekly thing at her place was to host a wine night during which my alcohol tolerance increased tremendously but I created some seriously awesome but totally fuzzy memories), but somehow, at some point, someone suggested we take a picture in the tub, which became a regular thing any time something out of the ordinary was going on. Even a few years later, I still get the occasional tub tagged on FB joking about the tradition.

      So, it is possible that just maybe the photo was requested by the bridal party as some type of tradition or “in” joke none of us get. Or they had eccentric Aunt Sally do photography as their “gift” and they got what they paid for, kind of a toss up really.

  7. Pipergirl says:

    I feel sorry for the girl with her head in the light fitting.

  8. Lorien says:

    My husband has a similar picture with his groomsmen!

  9. CB says:

    I think the true essence of awkward is naturally occurring. They obviously took this photo to be funny, or…..something (who knows), but it’s not awkward to me for that reason.

  10. Dina says:

    Someone thought this was a good idea…:P

  11. Alan says:

    Must be a popular pose because looking through the window on the left I can see two more groups doing the exact same thing !!

  12. ScoutC says:

    They were very literal thinkers and didn’t quite get the concept of “bridal shower.”

  13. Shanon says:

    Is this for real??

  14. Lisa says:

    That’s weird, but not as weird as their dresses!

  15. tanyaya says:

    oh shiz

  16. js says:

    Maybe this is a remake of the old classic “South Pacific” and her bridesmaids want to help her “wash that man right outta her hair”!

  17. Miss B says:

    This is not the first “bridal party in the bathtub” pic I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand. Is there some sort of joke associated with this type of photo?

  18. rick says:

    Rub a dub dub – there’s a bridal party in the tub!

  19. Ria says:

    Can I just ask WHY?!?!?!?!?

  20. Sickdog says:

    Can you see me in the back getting ready to PARTAAAY?!!
    Didn’t think so…

  21. Hannah says:

    She gets her shower, they get their bath…tub.

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