Come Together

December 9th, 2011

Come Together - Celebs

A reminder for all of us to come together in harmony and peace this holiday season.

(submitted by Angel in Puerto Rico)

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  1. Isabel Gonzalez says:

    This Xmas card was a HUGE SHOCK in Puerto Rico. We don’t have snow, neither wild life, but Mr. Santini and family were promoting the wildlife museum. As a matter of fact, he lost 2012 election for mayor and was in such DENIAL he doesn’t show to the press for almost one week after the elections night.

  2. Jessica says:

    I think maybe he asked the family to choose what prop they wanted and the little girl refused to be parted from the cheeta.I am convenced it was her idea.

  3. Lynn says:

    This was actually from AZ. I think the older man is some sort of politician. It was all over the news.

    • ~bella g. says:

      This is from San Juan, Puerto Rico. The guy was the major of San Juan. It even says it on the pic.

    • Isabel B says:

      No, the caption is right. This is the former major of San Juan, Jorge Santini. You can look up his name and see his photo to check. Also, I’m from San Juan, so believe me, hehe. Happy holidays!

  4. Cindy says:

    What were they thinking?

  5. lily says:

    My eye goes straight to the fear in the gazelle’s eye. Even though I know it’s stuffed its kind of haunting..

  6. CRV says:

    Nope. Chuck Testa.

  7. 457R1D says:

    This is the first Christmas card I’ve ever seen with an implied threat. It’s kinda like he’s telling the people of the city “don’t mess with me”. I don’t know what’s more intimidating- the death scene or the little girl on the left!!

    Spirit of Christmas fail!!

  8. JustMe says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s not a regulation sized antelope….

  9. riffraff says:

    Ah, the circle of life.

  10. Efrain says:

    Can you believe that this guy has been in office for three terms? Then again, that says more about his opposition than of him, Ha!

  11. mikedana says:

    Gee, was there something in the story of the Nativity that we missed? Three Wise Men, a jaguar, an unfortunate antelope…

  12. wakkadakka says:

    I’m sure the little girl will be a hunter when she grows up.

  13. M C Man says:

    I’m sure the leopard will have a Merry Christmas with the antelope for Christmas dinner.

  14. AlcarazJoseHiram says:

    The intention is good, but not the right time. Remember he is a politician, you cant ask for more or better….this is the reflection of who is behind him(the advisors)

    Thank you

  15. Felix says:

    I truly hope that those animals are stuffed!

  16. V.J. says:

    The really sad thing about this photo is that they were trying to pose with their pet antelope when this tragedy occurred. The lesson is … never have a work Christmas party at the local zoo.


    I can not believe you have mistakenly thought that the leopard was hugging the antelope, but I’m from PR and no doubt it was a subliminal message, that is the style of the mayor! BIG FAIL!

  18. Barbara says:

    Which one is his wife?

  19. Ada says:

    Time in Narnia, ridiculous!!

  20. Alan says:

    It came upon a midnight deer?

  21. missrenie says:

    I really think the youngest child should not be leaning on the cheetah that is ripping out the throat of that poor animal whose eyes are glued open in fright. I really think she should be riding the cheetah instead.

  22. T Bonham says:

    Look at the sublimital message: He is the leopard and you are tax payer…..death grip for Christmas. What an idiot!

  23. T Bonham says:

    Nothing says Merry Christmas like a death grip on the throat. Maybe its some kind of sublimital message on taxes for upcoming 2012 year. Or then again, just another stupid politician that has his brain in his backside.

  24. Gordon says:

    In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the leopard eats tonight

  25. Alan says:

    Ah Christmas. A time of goodwill to all men,and,a time of VERY badwill to antelopes.

  26. Biribi says:

    I don’t know what I like best… The killing spree at the forefront… Or the little girl’s pose at the right, thinking she’s a grown-up model in a gossip magazine… She’s cute but the pose seems awkward for such a young age.

  27. Lucy says:

    For the record, the slogan at the bottom says “May this Christmas illuminate your dreams.”

    When I have dreams like this, I cut back on the Nyquil.

  28. Laina says:

    This is the same guy that wants to open a dolphin exhibition place (the infamous Delfinario). I’m guessing how those poor creatures will be take care off: all the sick dolphins will be fed to the leopard??? You are disgusting Mr. Mayor!!

  29. Erin says:

    if this is a joke, it’s a pretty good one.

  30. Rimon says:

    Further background: this is the mayor of San Juan. A recently opened wildlife museum in the city of San Juan serves as the backdrop.

    Nope! Chuck Testa.

  31. Merry Christmas.
    And now I’m humming “The Friendly Beasts.”

  32. LCN says:

    This has to be the biggest, loudest “WTH” moment ever in the history of this website! Okay, so really….WTH??

  33. armchair hero says:

    I just don’t understand this. My brain is trying to make sense of all these images. . . and it’s failing. I think I need to rest. This is too taxing.

  34. Betsy Ross says:

    I guess that wasn’t chicken I had for dinner at your house last week….?….

  35. Ces says:

    Just a little bit of background info for all our out of town friends, what you’re seeing is the actual holiday postcard the mayor of our beloved capital city, San Juan, sent everyone for Christmas. I kid you not. Saludos from Puerto Rico!

  36. Kootie says:

    you got your leopard on my antelope. no, you got your antelope in my leopard…

  37. Joaniebaloney83 says:

    I looked at the picture a second and thought “That’s a good-looking family. What’s so awkward about that?” And then I scrolled down and saw the carnage. My response was a very loud “WTH?”

  38. AngelaJ says:

    WTH, Man? WTH?

  39. Louisa says:

    This is the Official holiday card from the mayor of the capital city of a tropical (as in no snow, no wild animals bigger than a dog) country. There goes our tax money.

  40. Well – I guess we know what’s on the menu in the Tima & Santini household this Christmas! Fresh antelope!
    But – really – why?????????????????

  41. Mrs.K says:

    THIS MUST be on the next cover of holiday awkward family photos!!

    Hands down this is the most awkwardly, hilarious Christmas family photo I have seen on here. Nothing says holidays like a good cheetah kill in action…surrounded by humans posing…in Puerto Rico…with massive snowflakes…next to a little girl who’s head can swivel all the way around…where animals like these are found everywhere…the awkwardness is never-ending…

  42. emma says:

    well, there goes dasher–er, dancer–er, prancer??

  43. emma says:

    theres no hope for those animals, but the next piece of wild life they’re gonna have to worry about is that little poptart in the front left!! not to mention, dad looks like if he could do this over again, he’d go for the ugly-sweater portrait instead.

  44. john says:

    Nope Chuck Testa!

  45. Jason says:

    “There a leopard feeding on an impala in my family picture”

    Nope. Chuck Testa

    • Mari says:

      but really
      the mayor’s reason to have this little piece of epic on his family’s christmas greetings was to promote the new wildlife museum but… cmon… really? this guy is insane

    • Pinkie says:

      Bwahahaha!!! That is THE funniest comment ever!!!
      BTW, we know Chuck Testa personally. He did couple of my husband’s mounts. Nice guy.

  46. Libby says:

    WOW. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a leopard feeding on its prey.

  47. I think that girl photo-bombed this portrait.

  48. Poor choice to name the antelope Jesus and the cheetah Roman.

  49. Lucy says:

    WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!?!

  50. Dominique says:

    What the–? Are these the family pets? At least they, um, get along…?

    • Batteria says:

      Every year, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, sends a Christmas card to all San Juan residents. This year, he is trying to promote his new Wildlife Museum. Ugh…

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