Take Me Higher

March 1st, 2012

Take Me Higher - Glamour Shots

Rise to the occasion.

(submitted by Jessica)

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69 Responses to “Take Me Higher”

  1. Julie Holmstead says:

    Jessica! I thought that was you! A friend of mine posted this on her facebook and i was all, “Wait, I know her, and that hair.” Classic girl!
    From, your old neighbor Julie in Draper. And your house is no more.

  2. drlmg says:

    WOW!!! I have a photo of my mom and my girlfriend (at the time) sitting together appx. 1986 or so. They both had huge hair but they couldn’t compete with these two. Interestingly I met the old girlfriend by chance in 2003 back in our hometown that neither currently lived in, we both moved off to college shortly after high school. We lived over 1000 miles apart yet we started talking, eventually dated again, and eventually got married. Been married for almost 9 years now and she regrets it hideously! (joking)

  3. Taylor says:

    A good strong wind will take these two girls airborne with those side wings of hair. I am a product of the 80’s with a sister who had even bigger hair than these two. I might have to dig up a pic of her

  4. Delia says:

    I don’t think anyone was implying that the “hair” was “Photoshopped” but rather that the “face” was put in over someone else…. That those faces belong to another body.

  5. Sin.C says:

    The Lion Kings movies.

  6. Angela says:

    the faces are obviously photoshopped in.

  7. macphile says:

    God in heaven, the ’80s were a dark, dark time for fashion. I’d like to say, proudly, that I never did the hair thing in the ’80s.

  8. Peggy says:

    Did ya’ll forget about spiral perms? That is part of how we could get our hair up & away from our heads like that. Then bend over, flip the hair upside down & spray the underside; stand upright quickly & flip your hair back, spray again. Somebody else on here nailed it: had to use Aquanet Super Hold. Best hair says. Ever. 😉

  9. Ted C says:

    Im not saying this photo is altered or fake because I hate when people say “photoshopped” with no actual proof however I must say some thing is off with the girl in the front.

    • sean says:

      It is photoshopped or another, similar, program was used. the girl in front is easy to see as you noticed. i don’t think proof is needed when you can see it with the naked eye.

  10. Emaleth says:

    Is it me or its Katie Holmes???

  11. Steven says:

    So not photoshopped. Anyone remember the hair bands of the 80s?

  12. Em says:

    It’s photos like this that make me thankful, oh so very thankful, that I had short hair in the 80s!

  13. Madamegato says:

    Totally not photoshopped. Look at that jacket. If you need any indication other than hair, it is a suit jacket with rolled up sleeves and her sister in the back wearing much the same with shoulder pads that look like airplane wings. Yeah, I didn’t spray my hair to the heavens, but I absolutely wore those jackets, baby. And I was stylin.

    • Kittibee says:

      The jacket actually makes it look photoshopped. The girl in the front looks out of proportion & her head and neck off-center. Why? Hair and shoulderpads, baby! So much 80s goodness, the rules of perspective run and hide.

      • Biribi says:

        It is true that it makes it LOOK photoshopped and out of proportion, but that’s just optical illusion. Her hair is so huge that it dwarfes the rest of her body, and her jacket is so big on her that she ends up looking like a 10 year old trying to look like an adult.

  14. MM says:

    Wowza! They look like lion manes. I am also a survivor of the 80s and there is no doubt in my mind that they used “Sun In” to achieve that blondy color. Does anyone else remember Sun In? Bahahaha!

    • Cierra says:

      Yes… I am guilty of using Sun In in the 90’s. Sun In is the correct name because it turns your hair orange!

    • mommalou says:

      Yep – I remember Sun In! And just look at how unhealthy that poor hair is on the girl in the front.. God forbid she get it cut to get rid of the burnt/fried parts. haha!

      • MM says:

        GASP! NO!! No haircuts allowed!! How dare you even suggest she give up a few inches of her locks?? Ahhh yes…I remember watching the hair stylist with an eagle eye to be sure she did not snip off a millimeter more than I had asked her to.

        I’m so glad that I’m all (mostly) grown up now.

  15. bored@work says:

    Looks like a tribute to Tina Yothers.

  16. Lance_Corporal says:

    Why is everyone saying ‘photoshopped’? Does anything think that someone would actually take the time to photoshop rad hair onto someone and post it here? Those were legitimate 80’s styles and were a big part of the 80’s along with spandex workout clothes, headbands and muscle shirts!

    The 80’s were great, everyone seemed more relaxed and more hopeful about the future.

    • Myra says:

      I so agree with you Lance..I loved the 80’s and I miss it to be honest with you….people were just really doing their own thing and looking into the future with so much hope..The music was the best and the styles might look crazy now but back then we were banging!! I really didnt use the hair spray and big hair thing but the clothes YESSS….ZZ Top girl….with the high heels and the short little ankle sox…oh yeah!!! THE 80″S WILL ALWAYS ROCK!!!!

    • sean says:

      Yep. it happens. photoshopped and sent here. just because the styles were a part of the 80’s does not relate to it being an altered image.

  17. MT says:

    We have lift off!

  18. Bob says:

    Two of the greatest potential mullets on earth.

  19. Rogue says:

    Both photoshopped. Look at the shadows. I do like, however, that some folks say it couldn’t be photoshopped because they remember hair like this in the 80’s. That has nothing to do with a picture being faked.

    • Kittibee says:

      Where are the shadows wrong? Point it out to me. Or can you? (Note: color discrepancy due to hairy dye =/= bad shadows)

    • Jaime Sullivan says:

      This is not photoshopped!!! I know this because this was me (in the front)…….I didn’t know this “GREAT” pic was put on here….But seriously it was taken at Sears…

      • corinne says:

        Jamie, you would have been the cool girl I WISHED I could be like back then. How you achieved that height was a question I would have given my right eye (not an inch of bangs, though) to know.

        You rocked it.

  20. Amber says:

    Somewhere in the earth’s atmosphere, there is a gaping hole in the ozone caused by Aquanet in the 80’s.

  21. Christie says:

    I think the 80’s was the last decade that people actually cared about how they looked (and took the time to do stuff like this!)….. so mock us if you must….. at least we didn’t go out in our pajamas and slippers back then……and we pulled up our pants…..

    I’ll take hairdos like this over nasty underwear hanging out anyday…..

  22. Ken says:

    HAIR HELMET!!! Those of us who actually grew up in the 80’s know this is not photoshopped. I know quite a few girls when I was in high school who achieved this same look.

  23. ShadyGrady says:

    That hair IS NOT photo shopped. I went to school with both these girls, and their hair is tame compared to other girls I knew in the 80’s. I cannot believe I thought girls with that hair were smokin’ hot. how things change

  24. babs says:

    The hair looks like it’s floating around and above the head of the girl in front, not attached! I’m sure it’s just the angle.

  25. Sunobo says:

    The bigger the hair the better especially if you happened to live in Texas. I know a lady who still does her hair like the girl in the back of the picture.

  26. LegsUpToH3r3 says:

    Her hair is not photoshopped. Those who think so did not grow up in the 80’s. It is an achievable style where time+comb+Aquanet+hair dryer = totally rad hair.

    • dabug says:

      Don’t forget the curling iron! Spray, dry and then curl. Ahhh….the smoke created by that…good times.

      • BytchEPoo says:

        Also don’t forget hot rollers and pink sponge rollers! I didn’t have thick enough hair to have hair like in this picture but tight curls were a must in the 80’s!

  27. Astrid says:

    I don’t think it’s photoshopped at all. It looks just like the hairstyles I saw all the time when I was a kid. Very impressed with the height! I could never achieve anything close to this! As much as I admire it from the past…… pleasepleaseplease don’t let this come back into fashion!! And I reckon the one at the front is called Jessica…. and her sister is probably a Tiffany (again, names I loved as a kid!!)

  28. Jen says:

    They went to my high school. Definitely real hair!! Not photo shopped!!

  29. Sandie says:

    Actually that one in front is NOT photoshopped…I lived through the 80’s, going to Roller-
    Tech and getting ready with the girls…and some of the ones I went with had hair that bid and that slicked!! Yes it was spray, blow dry, spray, blowdry, spray, blow dry!!!! OMG…the hours it took to get ready to go spend 2 hours with friends and then come home to sleep on it…LoL!!!

  30. JD says:

    I don’t remember anyone that did it to that extreme, but yes, those were unfortunate days, and that’s an unfortunate style.

  31. Erin says:

    That really is truly inspiring.

  32. Lili says:

    Looks like D.J. from Full House!!!

  33. Tammi says:

    The blondie on the bottom looks like her hair was photoshopped.

  34. jomomma says:

    I LOVED 80’s hair! BRING BACK THE 80’S!

  35. Aimee says:

    Whoa! To achieve both volume AND sleek sides at the same time. Are you sure this isn’t one of those carnival posters with holes cut out for your face?

  36. Chris S says:

    Holy 1989 flashback!!!

  37. chirkle says:

    Wowzo! Is her hair actually attached to her scalp? Maybe photoshopped (OMG. I’ve become THAT GUY)

  38. Diana says:

    HOW!? How did she get her hair to stand like that? wow….

  39. Tim S says:

    A decade earlier, our hair was just as awkward:

    Gimme head with hair
    Long beautiful hair
    Shining, gleaming,
    Streaming, flaxen, waxen

  40. Yowza says:

    Props to these ladies for having the courage to put a photo like this on the internet. Seriously – I don’t know that I could do it it this was me.

  41. Brook says:

    Oh I used to have that hair!!! Circa 1985 I think? It took forever to tease & spray & tease & spray to get it that big! Those slicked back sides, you had to saturate with Aqua Net hair spary & then blast with the hair dryer to shellac it in place! Rock on Sistahs! The only thing awkward about this pic is if they get near an open flame…

  42. Pamela says:

    Seems to be a new sport–competitive hair.

  43. bama says:

    Wow. I’m sure it isn’t, but the one in front actually looks photoshopped.

  44. rach says:

    The one in front is photo shopped but the hair is sure real.At any rate,I’m not sure if I’m horrified or happy I lived through this era

  45. steph says:

    Oh how I would have admired that height when i was twelve!!!

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