Reach For The Stars

May 8th, 2012

Reach For The Stars - Celebs

When you get a photo-op with Richard Kiel, size doesn’t matter.

(submitted by Jerry)

10 Responses to “Reach For The Stars”

  1. Joe Walker says:

    Rest In Peace, Big Man.

  2. Wench says:

    Wasn’t this published before on this site? I’m sure I’ve seen this somewhere – or a very similar photo?

  3. Jerry says:

    Oh, this isn’t awkward, but hey, a photo op with Richard Kiel, that is cool!

  4. JenW says:

    Eegah! 😀

  5. Blue says:

    How is this awkward??

  6. robert archer says:

    Love come in every colour and size under the rainbow. No where is it written the colours or sizes need to match.

  7. Junebug says:

    Richard Kiel is a really nice guy.

  8. Bruce J. says:

    That’s an actor who starred in High Plains Drifter. Don’t see any awkward here.

  9. Kyle V says:

    Jaws was easily the best villain in the Bond series. Nothing awkward at all about this. 😉

  10. Wheres the metal teeth? Now that would make an awesome photo!

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