Resemblance 2

May 24th, 2012

Resemblance 2 - Kids

People say they look alike.

(submitted by Jenny)

4 Responses to “Resemblance 2”

  1. Deadjuice says:

    Like mother, like daughter.

  2. Junebug says:

    The best part about those huge glasses? Room to put your initials in little gold stickers at the bottom!

  3. Liz says:

    The kid doesn’t look all that happy; but mainly just serioous…. wonder what was going on in their lives. But the awkwardness is really mainly the glasses, (remember Sally Jesse Rapheal) that we all wore.. I wonder what they look like now. I’d guess that the kid is now about the age of her mom when this picture was taken. Wonder if she had a daughter that looked like her?

  4. Root 66 says:

    Looks like Carol and Cindy Brady…with huge-80’s-style glasses!

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