May 16th, 2013

Brideshelf - Wedding

“This is my mother’s wedding picture. Big hair and puffy shoulders!”

(submitted by Nicole)

15 Responses to “Brideshelf”

  1. Ranger says:

    With those sleeve things, did she have to walk through doorways sideways?

  2. denise n. says:

    Ooo la la! MAAARBLE COLUMNS!

  3. Mary F says:

    Is that a tiara behind those bangs?!? lol

  4. Olivia says:

    Glamour shots meets bridal portraits–together at last.

  5. Martha says:

    Hurry up I’ve got a poison concert to get after this

  6. OtterMom says:

    Why did we ever think that was a good look? My mom spent so much money on hairspray for me…

  7. LynC says:

    Holding the weight of that hair and those sleeves is hard work. She needed a rest!

  8. Theresa r says:

    The higher the hair the closer to God…I bet this hair garnered many an envious eye in the late 80’s

  9. Raylene says:

    Could she be any more ‘poofy’??

  10. Teal says:

    I’m betting she was wearing white pumps, white hose, and that there was a slit in the front of her dress. This is epic!

  11. AndrewT says:

    Darling, all that fluff inside your head is exploding out the back. We’ll need to do another take when it’s all empty in there.

  12. henson says:

    a pedestal-shelf for her arms, a sleeves-shelf for her hair

  13. Scout C says:

    The big day calls for big hair, big headdress, and big sleeves, too! Late 80’s, I presume?

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