Scared Strait

August 11th, 2013

Scared Strait - Random Awkwardness

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  1. LM Stewart says:

    They should add a muzzle feature to this version as well. It’s obviously for the “busy parent”. Then they can just pretend they don’t have the kids they so desperately don’t want to have to deal with. Eventually they can just tie them up like a bike or dog outside the mall. Their parenting work is over. /satire

    In practice, these types of jackets are most certainly legal and are incredibly helpful when working with mentally ill children (and adults) who try to physically harm themselves and others. The jacket is meant to restrain without harming until the person is able to either be sedated or regains a semblance of calm.

  2. SId says:

    This is a Spoof ad from Super Nanny. Brilliant lol

  3. Vickie Mathis says:

    Sad to say, No, strait jackets are not illegal in the U.S.A, they are still being used in many “therapeutic” environments. Jails, retirement homes, mental care centers etc.

  4. courtney says:

    hmm wish I could order three…. one in a 3xl for the old grouchy ass husband im sure he will like the teddy’s. One kids large for my melodramatic 8 yr old and one small for my little drama baby. Boy to think I could have all the rooms in my house clean at one time. HAha ….

  5. Mike says:

    This looks illegal. unlawful restraint

  6. Beth says:

    “keep your children’s hands away from your home’s beuties and expensive decorations”.

    It doesn’t say that this will turn said child into a juggernaut, because WHO NEEDS HANDS?!?!

  7. sunshynegrll says:

    I would like to assure everyone that straitjackets (and other restraints) are still in use in state mental hospitals.

    That said, I wish this were real. Also, I would be a terrible mother.

  8. Lizzie says:

    Don’t worry folks; it truly is a prop…& written with a lot of satire on the brain. I think the use of straight jackets is probably (thankfully) illegal now… but I bet more than one parent has (Briefly) wished it wasn’t.

  9. JohnnyMarr says:

    Fear not, America. It’s not a real product. It’s a prop for a satire of “Super Nanny”.

  10. Natalie says:


  11. LCN says:

    Creepy! I love how they say “keep your children’s hands away from mom’s beautiful decorations.” You could, oh I don’t know, put them out of their reach like most of us mom’s have had to do! Somehow the smile on that child’s face makes it all the more creepy!

  12. Anna says:

    Scary & Sad. Not so much awkward.

  13. joanna says:

    Where was this gadget when I was raising a teenager?

  14. Avery Davis says:

    It was a publicity stunt for a television show, not a real product.

  15. Matt Warren says:

    This was shortly before the arrests, right?

  16. Lurtle says:

    If you buy one of these, you should be getting a visit from social services.
    If you want to “keep your children’s hands away from your home’s beautiful and expensive decorations”, birth control is a great solution.

  17. my name says:

    Epic Fail

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