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Card Sharks

“Why did we think this was going to be cute?”

(submitted by Amber)

Soap Opera

“This photo was taken as I was finishing my 1/2 marathon. The entire race it rained and apparently my pants didn’t have all the laundry soap washed out completely – so they made soap suds the entire race. Very awkward to say the least.”

(submitted by Kelley) 

Hands On

“This is a picture of me on my mum’s hand, taken by my mum. It’s part of a whole series of pictures of me in different places but this is definitely my favorite.”

(IG @annikaluukko)

Flower Top

“I hate shopping and found a top with colors I liked so I bought it without trying it on. Lesson learned.”

(submitted by Lisa) 

The Parade Route

“I made a route map for my neighborhood golf cart parade… good ole family fun right?! Didnt even notice until after it was emailed… to the entire neighborhood. Legitimately- have always heard our neighborhood has a lot of swingers… now I know how they all knew where to move!”

(submitted by Adrienne)

In The Name Of Science

“My son’s assignment was finding a field of science to research and draw a picture of. My son chose proctology.”

(submitted by Nicole)

Dad’s Double Bird

“Drawing by me: age 5.”

(submitted by IG @kt_sarna)

Queen Of The Cows

“In Nebraska in the 1980’s,  they didn’t just have just regular beauty pageants, they had special pageants for Queen of the Cows. I received a stunning faux crown to place on the felt cowboy hat of my choice, and a $200 gift certificate to my favorite western store to purchase my new glitzy outfit. The handmade blue suede leather sash had to be returned. As you can imagine, I was the talk of the town.”

(submitted by Lola)

Get Lucky

“My hometown newspaper did a front page article about me and the author interviewed my husband and me. She asked for a tip to get good nature photos and I said, ‘get out there, the more you are out the more you see.’ My husband commented that people said I was lucky but I said ‘the harder I work the luckier I am’. And that became the headline.”

(submitted by Becky)

Spidey Sense

“Best. Thanksgiving. Parade. Photo. Ever.”

(via source)