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In The End

“My town’s homecoming float, 1967.”

(submitted by Mike)

Red White & Blue

“My sister in law got a sunburn hiking in Yosemite.”

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Force Of Nature

“Staying relaxed during a hurricane, 80s.”

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Southern Exposure

“My dad’s “termination of employment” letter circa 1979 is interesting.”

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Mood Lighting

“The difference in lighting between my sister’s room vs my room at the exact same time of day.”

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Medal of Honor

“Going through my wrestling awards from Jr. High and realized that I won the bronze in scissoring.”

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Grandma’s Galaxy Confession

“My grandma felt the need to clarify.”

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Minion, Bloody Minion

“My mom bought a strawberry-scented Minion shampoo for my little brother.”

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Nip Slip

“I ripped a hole in my shirt.”

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Floor Show

“Most terrifying bathroom experience I’ve ever had.”

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