Little Miss Sunshine Revisited

April 7th, 2014

Little Miss Sunshine Revisited - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“My mom loved to get professional photos taken of my siblings and me when we were kids.  I hated it. I learned fairly quickly that if I complained or was fussy they would just keep going and ask me to be still or quiet. However, if I behaved perfectly and just made awful facial expressions the photos would end. This little gem is a product of my silent temper tantrums.”

Oh, and btw, this is Meg now.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.20.11 PM

(submitted by Meg)



27 Responses to “Little Miss Sunshine Revisited”

  1. rs says:

    i could be wrong but i can see the evil in her eyes in both pics ,

  2. Matt says:

    The first picture looks rather like the Welsh wrestling legend “Exotic” Adrian Street.

  3. Joe says:

    What…..I don’t see the difference????

  4. Taylor says:

    Meg, will you marry me? Too hot!

  5. Kristine Skocpol says:

    Even with the sour face, I can tell you were actually beautiful. I like that you posted the very lovely “this is me now.” It confirms my suspicion! So gorgeous.

  6. Lee says:

    Hi Meg,

    Yeap this is her, both pics. Known her forever. Both pics are untouched and wow has that kid pic gotten the laughs over the years. If I feel awful, I can look at the pic and die laughing Yes Meg is stunning inside and out!.

  7. waxpert says:


    • David says:

      Yeap both pics are my little girl. Wish she was still the size in the first pic. She would take my advise then. Well sometimes. I remember a letter she wrote one of her elementary friends telling her how awful she was and how they could never be friends again and then signed it Love, Meg

  8. Joe says:

    Adorably akward child, beautiful as an adult …. but still no smile.

  9. Rebecca Wooller says:

    Brilliant photo…..!!
    I wasn’t expecting Meg today……What a STUNNER!

  10. DM says:

    I don’t believe this is the same person.

  11. GH says:

    Where’s the “Recreating The Awkwardness” for this one?

  12. Leila says:

    Smart girl, who says quiet protest do not get results. I love both pics. The funny thing is the young pic is probably your favorite pic ever. Your hair is beautiful.

  13. Mike Weiss says:

    You’re lovely Meg. I would have loved to see a picture of your younger self when you weren’t silently protesting!

  14. lynn says:

    Well she looks much happier now .

  15. Tojo Melville says:

    she is beautiful now….and then….

  16. Heather W. says:

    Let us not forget the story of the Ugly Duckling.

  17. You’ve turned out “Beautiful”! As most of us have a picture of ourselves that would say other wise! I too, have a few! 5 stars ★★★★★ to you lady!!! As children, we were just learning the notes of a beautiful melody! ♪♪♪♪♪•♪♪♪♪♪. ©® by Me!

  18. bob terry says:

    WOW! Who would have thought?

  19. Jackie says:

    Wow! That’s too funny that she would just make awful faces to get it over with, haha!

  20. Eric gandy says:

    Meg you grew into such a beautiful woman! Don’t look like you hate taking photos now gorgeous! 🙂

  21. Ashley H says:

    Lol oh that is just classic! Love the silent tantrum lol. You are lovely grown up as well 🙂

  22. Kelly says:

    I had the same exact haircut when I was 3!! =)

  23. RosieB says:

    Glad to see you learned how to work with photographers!

  24. Jim S says:

    Meg, you certainly grew up very nicely!

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