April 28th, 2014

Leggings - Family Portrait

“My parents hired a photographer to come to the house and take a family picture. I titled it “Shamus Shins” because the angle accentuates the shins on all of us. The looks on our faces is just hilarious! We were all crammed on the couch that us kids were not allowed to sit on in the room we were not allowed in.”

(submitted by Melissa)

13 Responses to “Leggings”

  1. S. S. says:

    It’s funny… you look at the furniture in pictures like this, and the “best” furniture that you weren’t allowed to sit on makes you look back at it and ask “Why the heck were they so woried about that awful thing?”, and the furniture in the den that you were allowed to jump on looks ripe for an extravagant price tag at a vintage store.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Have never been prouder of my cousins than this very moment! Who needed to sit on that couch when we had such fine furnishings in the dungeon! Aunt Sue you sort of have that Stepford wives look on your face!

  3. Sue Fone says:

    Hey wait a minute. In my defense…..there was an AWESOME family room full of VERY comfortable furniture that those four “ladies” could enjoy. I just wanted ONE room that looked nice, that’s all. Is that so bad?

  4. kristen Maurer says:

    That is absolutely hysterical!!

  5. Francesca says:

    Great pic! Am I wrong, or is that the Bundy’s couch from Married With Children?

  6. Darlene M. says:

    Scary. We had that same couch and yes, the same shag rug, color and all. It also sat in a room we were not allowed to go into.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Hahahahaha!!!! I’m in love with this picture!!

  8. Geoffrey Lueken says:

    My family used to have the love seat hide-a-bed that exactly matched that sofa. My parents gladly gave it to me when I move out on my own. I kept that horrid monstrosity in my man-cave for 15 more years. Finally left it at the last house I rented. I hope it found another good owner.

  9. Paula Wheeler says:

    Extras from the latest Wes Anderson film?

  10. rahvin says:

    What happened in the room, where the kids were not allowed in? And on the sofa, the kids were not allowed to sit on? The expression on the faces… Act natural. Naturally.

  11. Kathy W says:

    Tears rolling down my cheeks! That is the funniest photo I’ve seen for ages and mainly because I have a few similar ones in my albums. What were those sacred couches for if not for family photos and honoured church folk!

  12. Ellie-boo says:

    I love the plastic living room carpet liner at everyone’s feet. I think every 70’s Mom did this; ‘gotta keep that shag carpet looking fresh!!!

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