Higher Love

June 5th, 2014

Higher Love - Wedding

What’s your interpretation?

(submitted by Mitch)

42 Responses to “Higher Love”

  1. Michael Miller says:

    “I thought I was going to be late for my own wedding, but it looks like I will land there just in time!”

  2. Rebecca says:

    That awkward moment when your new husband gets raptured in the middle of your wedding portraits… and you get left behind.

  3. Chris says:

    “I’m sorry Lois but the Justice League needs my help”

  4. Gus Man says:

    “Now that we have landed on this planet, we should go get married.”

  5. Jeremy says:

    Id hit it.

  6. Everest says:

    looks like she’s more down to earth while he’s got his head in the clouds

  7. steven M says:

    I told you not to wear those shoes. Now you will pay for your insolence…

  8. Brian says:

    The invisible noose.

  9. Steph says:

    The noose must be invisible.

  10. tammy says:

    Beam me up Scotty

  11. Clare says:

    I must go now. My planet needs me.

  12. susan says:

    he’s feeling lighter than air?

  13. BlueDogs says:

    “Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! Buckle up my sleeve……PRESTO!”

  14. Bfn Putz says:

    She said jump………..

  15. Joy says:


  16. Diane says:

    You’ve made me the most highest man in the world !

  17. Stan says:

    I must go; my people need me.

  18. dgrizzle says:

    Oh sweet lord that’s wonderful. Gotta talk to my fiance about doing something like this at our wedding.

  19. cookinlover says:

    Mr. Peabody uses his time machine to save another life in the nick of time!

  20. Ajax says:

    Someone’s bride didn’t get raptured!

  21. Night says:

    either men are more important than women or she is real short

  22. felicia says:

    “Your love keeps lifting me higher!!”

  23. BETH says:


  24. Rafael says:

    Thank you for the rescue, aliens!

  25. Paulo says:

    Wife Rule #45: The ball and chain needs to be attached immediately and securely after matrimony to prevent the husband from floating away

  26. Jen says:

    Jump! For my love.

  27. abrar says:

    Houston We Have LiftOff

  28. Amber says:

    That is why you never do the jump photo…never turns out good.

  29. Caryn says:

    The groom thought this would be the perfect time to test out his invisible jet pack.

  30. Mariana says:

    A clear case of Alien abduction!

  31. Kris says:

    When she says jump, he asks”how high?”

  32. Kristina says:

    A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE TO A WOMAN = when she says ‘jump’ he doesn’t even have to ASK ‘how high’ … he just KNOWS 🙂

  33. Christy says:

    Haha! There is something paranormal/creepy about this

  34. Kathleen says:

    “Oohh, your love, your love is lifting me higher, higher…”

  35. kristi says:

    She sweeps him off his feet 🙂

  36. Pablo says:

    The groom didn’t understand why people called his sweet and friendly wife a witch. Until now.

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