The Magnet

June 15th, 2014

The Magnet - Dad

“To be honest with you, I never thought of this as an awkward photo until recently. Really though, I’m not completely sold on it being awkward at all just because I have a mullet, my cats are wearing ties, and I’m wearing a jacket with no shirt on.”

(submitted by Drew)

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  1. George says:

    Sir, I need to know what you look like now. I got this picture through a friend of mine and I am your absolute twin. well minus the mullet and hair. I’m guessing you’re about late fifties, I’m in my early thirties. But I swear the resemblance is amazing! I posted it as my profile picture and my own mother thought it was me. I really need to know!

  2. Burgndy says:

    Hey, now. I dig that. And while I may have a skewed sense of fashion/homour/perception of the world in general, I’m, like, a 19-year-old woman, so I think that should get me some mullet-objectivity points. Frankly, as far as mullets go, this is a prwtry nice example. And a jacket is just a shirt with a zipper; easy access, right? (Though I xan’t imagine that it’d be fun to get that nice chest hair stuck in said zipper.)
    The cats are nice, too. The ties are a little hidden (I didn’t realize they were ties at first) but a man with a cat is an attractive man. A man with two cats had better invest in woman-repellent. And man-repellent, to be fair.
    Anyways, you totally rock it, dude. No shame!

  3. Eric says:

    Hey man, looks like the ladies think you’re swell.

  4. eydie says:

    actually, you are cute. and your cats are adorable. it was the 80’s, young people. mullets were fashionable, men did not wax their body hair and did i mention those cats and you are stinkin’adorable?

  5. CB says:

    I, perhaps strangely, do not find this awkward. I think this is about as well done as you can get to make it not awkward. I dunno, doesn’t scream awkward, I actually like it.

  6. CatGirl says:

    I love this for all the wrong reasons. His sense of humor cancels out any awkwardness, although I bet a current photo might do that as well.

  7. Bebenurse says:

    Yeah, it qualifies as awkward.

  8. Keechy says:

    You look like a sweet guy and the chest hair is a nice touch. Who wants the current waxed look? Not me! I say bring back the medallions, beards and chest air! (Might be showing my age there!) 🙂

  9. Lynn says:

    Wonderfully awkward!

  10. agado2u says:

    The jacket without a shirt makes it a bit cheesy. The chest hair is making the kitties look a bit uncomfortable.

  11. mata-hari-007 says:

    Cats in ties are timeless; they are the LBD of the feline world.

    • Bob says:

      for some reason I read that as “they are the LDS of the feline world”. Do latter day saints have a feline equivalent I wonder?

  12. Deborah says:

    Aww… I want this guy. He’s adorable. Even with the mullet. 🙂

  13. Claudia says:

    Your sense of humor makes this Awkward only in the very best of ways!

  14. Melba Toast says:

    The creepy look on his face makes me feel like he’s violating me while his well-dressed cats watch: awkward.

  15. shannon says:

    If you start at the top it’s like “oh a mullet. Boy times were different.”then you look down: “that’s a lot chest hair under that mullet. Wonder why he did that?” Then you see the cats. And it is awkward. THEN you see the cats’ ties. And you cant look away, but you hate yourself for it.

  16. Amarah Cee says:

    I don’t think it’s awkward either… =/ Maybe he just loves cats, what’s wrong with that..?

  17. Trina says:

    Only awkward cause of everything all at once. Ties on cats… Mullet… Where is your shirt?
    You must love your cats a lot.
    It is a nice picture… Just very awkward. Lol

  18. Roger says:

    If YOU don’t think it is awkward then it is not awkward….and you can tell anyone who thinks it is to go fly a kite.

  19. Jpp says:

    I will have to call awesomely awkward on this one. 🙂 Be proud man!

  20. Candi says:

    If it was just one thing, no, not awkward. But there is so much awkward, your eyes go everywhere and you don’t know where to look for the most awkward thing.

  21. Michael says:

    If you take away the mullet, the shirtless jacket, and the ties on the cats, then you still have a guy that owns two cats. AWKWARD!

    • amarah says:

      I don’t think its awkward at all…. =/ I think he just loves kittys’ .. what’s wrong with that..?

    • Lizzie says:

      I think he’s adorable; esp because of the cats. Yep, it’s awkward ONLY due to the mullet, ties, & chest hair, but the cats in the picture lend a balance… very good looking guy with cats… Love it!

  22. Marina Pillai says:

    Not even a little awkward. I want to go out and get this exact picture done myself.

  23. E says:

    If you have to list three things that “might” make it awkward, and especially if any of those things involve mullets or jacket-wearing shirtlessness, it’s awkward.

  24. Eva says:

    I don’t really think its awkward.. A few things show a sign of the time it was taken, but its cute, but of course, I’m a crazy cat lady

  25. Danielle says:

    I don’t think its awkward. :/

  26. stella says:

    As it often the case … Fashionable + Time = Awkward

    • Alexis says:

      Agree! I can see this as being “cool” (or…at least something not totally weird???) in the 80s. But looking back on it from 2014? Totally awkward.

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