July 24th, 2014

Hillbillies - Misc

“The place: Rural southern Illinois.  The time: mid 1980s.  The stylin’ dude sitting on the hood of the Nissan 280Z would be yours truly.  Mullet: check.  Shirtless: check.  Red suspenders: check.  Shades : check.  Black suede Robin Hood bootie thingies: check.  The hot gal sitting on the hood of the Mazda between me and the barn mailbox?  Why, that would be my sister, of course.  Lesson:  Sometimes hillbilly stereotypes exist for a reason.”

(submitted by Scott)

18 Responses to “Hillbillies”

  1. Landon Calrizzio says:

    That fine machine you’re sitting on is a 1984 Datsun 300ZX by Nissan. It is a full 2 generations removed from the Datsun 280z. FANTASTIC photo!

  2. Sarah says:

    Born and raised in Southern Illinois as well, and now I’m super curious where this was taken!

  3. Mike says:

    Not awkward. You both rock like a hurricane.

  4. alex says:

    Where was this taken!? I’m from West Frankfort…

  5. kristin says:

    Why is it all the pictures I have been seeing of mid-80’s attire, hair, people look to be of the 1970’s??? Am I that old? Hey, if it wasn’t the hot rod in your photo it was the high school grad picture with your truck. (Northern MI and I don’t recall any booties on guys then either.)

  6. debva says:

    We must be the same age – that was epic cool in the 80s. i also had an Rx7. Altho i am unfamiliar with the Rob Hood bootie thingies – we didn’t have those in Michigan.

  7. Bop says:

    That is not a 280zx. It’s a 300zx circa 1894-1986.

  8. JillinIL says:

    Not awkward at all! Just the way things were/are in beautiful southern IL! (Carbondale resident since 1975).

  9. Pat says:

    OK, I’ll be the first to say it…..you two are gorgeous!

  10. ClintonR says:

    Being from Illinois, I appreciate this all the more. If you accept the Chicago definition of “Southern Illinois” (aka anything south of I-80), we were neighbors even. 🙂

    Keep on rockin in the free world yo.

  11. EJB says:

    I don’t see anything awkward here…? But I was born and raised southern IL too.

  12. me says:

    I have that exact mailbox

  13. Brian says:

    If I were you I’d frame this and put it on my livingroom wall. It’s awesome!

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