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Shirt Happens

“We forgot it was picture day. Next time no shirts with words.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

Support Group

“Our town has an annual Harley Davidson Bike Night where thousands of bikers descend on our downtown area. I snapped this photo of our adorable kids enjoying a soda, only later noticing the biker in the background.”

(submitted by Heather)

Training Day

“This is a photo of my husband and daughter when he was potty-training her.”

(submitted by Emily)

On The Rocks

“My family was scheduled to take family photos. My youngest refused to even just stand and look at the camera so we just stood around him and took pics anyways.”

(submitted by Nicole)

Basic Instinct

“We were trying to capture a picture of our family out in the pasture with our cows. I had set the camera on the fence post with a timer, and timing was truly everything in this picture!!! AWKWARD!!!”

Fear the Bear

“My little sister took a Christmas photo with a questionable bear, London 1976.”

(submitted by Jason) 

Beware Of Dog

“Just when the picture was taken, my grandfather’s dog decided to jump on my nephew.”

(submitted by Sophie)

Muscle Head

“I ordered this cake for my son’s birthday. When we saw it we were all confused. However, the birthday boy loved it and thought it was hilarious. I’m still curious who thought this cake looked good!!!”

(submitted by Sara)


“With my daughter and grandchildren at Virginia Beach. Took this photo and noticed background later!”

(submitted by Deborah)

Grabby Patty

“Saw this drawn with chalk at a local elementary school. Friday’s thought was “How cool, Spongebob and Patrick!”. And then I took a second look…”

(submitted by Joe)