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Animal Planet

“This is the photo my mom used to send out with her annual Christmas letter in 2006. It’s my dad, mom, myself, and my brother. And ALL the pets! None of which my dad claimed, I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to claim us either.”

(submitted by Victoria)

Monkey Business

“We’re on a family trip to Thailand. My wife wanted my son to take pictures with the monkeys. My wife only had eyes for our son, and not what the monkeys were doing in the background.”

(submitted by Rob) 

Stan Geddes

“My wife was attempting to copy an Anne Geddes photo for our Christmas card.”

(submitted by Mike) 


“Our Aunt Helen made these for the three of us and while I know she worked very hard on them, I was mortified. That’s me on the left. I’m smiling but my eyes are red from crying because I didn’t want to wear it. The compromise was that I didn’t have to wear the bonnet. I don’t have much of a fashion sense but even then, at a tender young age, I knew this was wrong, very wrong.”

(submitted by Amy)


Ho Ho No

“Santa had lost his Christmas spirit long before my boys showed up.”

(submitted by Lynn)


“Told our son to put his arm around his sister for annual Xmas card pic – she didn’t like it.”

(submitted by Sandy) 

Training Day

“This is a photo of my husband and daughter when he was potty-training her.”

(submitted by Emily)

On The Rocks

“My family was scheduled to take family photos. My youngest refused to even just stand and look at the camera so we just stood around him and took pics anyways.”

(submitted by Nicole)

Mom’s Moment

“We were doing family photos for my sister’s Bat Mitzvah. The photographer told us to make funny faces but my mom took it to the next level…”

(submitted by Robin) 

The Winner

“Of all of the shots taken that day, this was the one that my parents picked. And this large 10×13 framed photo hung on our wall for years.”

(submitted by Michelle)