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“A very ‘creative’ picture/idea from our wonderful mother.”

(submitted by Miles)


“My son really loves vacuums. Reeeeeeeally loves them. On preschool picture day, he was so miserable, and was offered the preschool’s vacuum cleaner to play with to cheer him up before his photo. When I picked him up, I was told that I “might see a bit of the vacuum in the photo.”

(submitted by Caroline)

The New Guy

“That time my mother thought it would be a great idea to take us to Madam Tussaud’s to meet her new eight foot Slash lookalike boyfriend for the first time.”

(submitted by Roxzann)

Mama’s Boy

“It was my last week of wrestling and the last week that I would have the varsity uniform, so I wanted to get some action shots and my mom was the only person around to capture the action.”

(submitted by Todd)

Tupperware Trims By Mom

“My mother cut our family’s hair.”

(submitted by Christian)

The Wonder of Nature

“We came all the way from Minnesota. My husband and I kept telling our three kids how breathtaking and amazing the Grand Canyon was. When we arrived the entire thing was covered in fog and we couldn’t see a thing!”

(submitted by Sara)


“We’re a big sports family and basketball is particularly valued. With nearly every kid having taken their turn on the court (and their father as the team coach more than once), we decided to forego the traditional fireplace/piano/studio family photo one year for this “jump ball” monstrosity staged in a high school gym with me as the ref, my parents as the coaches (notice my dad yelling at me) and my brothers and sisters as the players.”

(submitted by Damian) 

Side Eye Santa

“Annual Santa visit at the mall with my sis. I don’t think my sister made the list that year.”

(submitted by Lisa)

Donald, Goofy, and Me

“My aunt (15) carrying me, (3) Norway 1970. I was terrified and in hysterics. I think she felt slightly uneasy too.”

(submitted by Janne) 


“Our mother always loved making us pose for photos. Here we are on holiday, pointing to a mineshaft. On her cue. Of course. Our brand new mustard-coloured Renault 12 is in the background: fun times.”

(submitted by Vanessa)