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The New Guy

“That time my mother thought it would be a great idea to take us to Madam Tussaud’s to meet her new eight foot Slash lookalike boyfriend for the first time.”

(submitted by Roxzann)

Alex & Me

“I carried around the torso of a mannequin that my brother found in a dumpster. I named it Alex.”

(submitted by Wes)


“My doll when I was a baby.”

(submitted by Abigail) 

Power Perm

“My sister convinced me to get a perm.”

(submitted by Jack) 

Glam Fam

“The choir I participated in as a child held a day of glamor shots for the kids and their moms. I love the light glinting off the rhinestones AND my turquoise braces.”

(submitted by Jen) 


“My grandma gave me a box of Saltines for my birthday.”

(submitted by Jaclyn)

Bunny Formal

“This picture is of me when i was about one and my dad wanted to surprise me and dress up as the easter bunny.”

(submitted by Julia) 

Take Twenty

“After twenty attempts trying to get everyone to smile, and my sister being afraid of camera flashes, my frustrated father yelled out “Just take the damn picture!”

(submitted by Heather)

Beware of Hair

“I always had more hair than mom knew how to handle and when I begged for a big updo, I got it! When I used to look at this photo, I always thought my little sister was just afraid of getting her picture taken, but I now realize she was probably just terrified of what was on top of my head.”

(submitted by Delila)

Power Permullet

“I told the hairdresser to perm the top only. Not sure what I was thinking.”

(submitted by Rebecca)