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Go Fish

“It was 1965 and Mom was with her 3 kerchiefed daughters: teenager Cindy, toddler Julie in her arms and Suzy, age four. Location: Tuscola, Illinois.”

(submitted by Suzy) 

Why I Hate Clowns

“I’m not sure what’s going on here. I only remember that we went to the photo studio because there was some kind of special.”

(submitted by Bill) 

He’s #1

“Picture taken in 2019. Took our little man to have his newborn pictures taken. While we both look so peaceful, there he is flipping the bird. The photographer didn’t even notice it. Apparently he hates taking pictures, just like his Dad.”

(submitted by Sarah)  


Kathy’s Birthday Blowout

“These are my parents posing for a shot during my extremely festive family birthday party. Don’t they look excited?”

(submitted by Kathy)


“Our Aunt Helen made these for the three of us and while I know she worked very hard on them, I was mortified. That’s me on the left. I’m smiling but my eyes are red from crying because I didn’t want to wear it. The compromise was that I didn’t have to wear the bonnet. I don’t have much of a fashion sense but even then, at a tender young age, I knew this was wrong, very wrong.”

(submitted by Amy)


Tale Of The Tail

“My bestie asked for a picture of our new paint color in the living room. I snapped a quick photo and was about to push send when I noticed the timing of our dog’s tail and my husband. We all laughed for a long time.”

(submitted by Sarah) 

Cool Ray

“My parents had a traveling puppet show that my sister and I grew up performing in from ages 8-18. This is one of our promotional pictures of us with a puppet we worked together, named… Cool Ray. YES. Kids could buy a picture for $ .25. And did. I’m on the left, apparently sporting the same hair as the puppet.”

(submitted by Amanda)

Silver Bullets

“This was our soccer team’s banner in the early 90s. My Grandma and Mom made it. The balls were felt.”

(submitted by Abra)

Take Twenty

“After twenty attempts trying to get everyone to smile, and my sister being afraid of camera flashes, my frustrated father yelled out “Just take the damn picture!”

(submitted by Heather)

Shirt Happens

“We forgot it was picture day. Next time no shirts with words.”

(submitted by Jennifer)