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The AFP Portrait Studio!



Grandpa Knows Best

“My grandpa and me. Cullera, Spain 2004.”

(submitted by IG @tonigr99) 

Easter Eyes

“Our sibling family photo from Easter, 1979.”

(submitted by IG @greaneyjessica) 

Berry Head

“Exhibit A that I was Strawberry Shortcake obsessed in the 80s.”

(submitted by IG @that_lewis_life) 

Is It Over Yet?

“My daughter’s 5th grade school photo.. She was not impressed.”

(submitted by IG @pcate_) 

The Party Animal

“My mother hired this critter to liven up my birthday party. 1986, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.”

(submitted by IG @glaumir_muraca) 

The Stand In

“Beijing, 1986. I really (really) wanted a dog as a kid, but we moved around a lot. After a particularly weepy episode, this was the next best thing my parents could do.”

(submitted by Nandita)


“For my preschool photo day, my mom made me a pair of airplane print zubaz to match my two-sizes-too-big sneakers. Gotta love that 1992 style.”

(submitted by IG @sparklemeat ) 

Smoke Show

“My 1991 karate class photo.”

(submitted by IG @rioratt419 ) 

Double Sweden

“Me and my brother. And Sweden in the 90s in one picture.”

(submitted by IG @hildayllner )