AFP Hall Of Fame

Fetal Position

Her husband obviously thought the baby would look like him.

(submitted by Marc)

Season’s Greetings

Chauncey couldn’t contain his excitement about Christmas.

(submitted by Chauncey)


Don’t look back.

(submitted by Adam)

Grand Entrance

He was looking for a little more pizzaz.

(submitted by Brian)

The Cup

“1975. Little league. In the middle of a game, the league photographer showed up to snap our team photograph. That inning, I had been playing catcher and was wearing all of the catcher’s gear– chest protector, face mask, helmut, shin guards and of course, the team cup which I wore over the uniform. I forgot to remove something before the photograph was snapped and to this day, I believe the photographer got a helluva good laugh out of it.”

(submitted by Bob)


Feel the heat.

(submitted by Clint)

Black Christmas

Santa didn’t even need to look at his list.

(submitted by Sarah)

The Delicates

They had decided to come clean.

(submitted by Rae)