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Bed Head


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At least they gave her 26 weeks.

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Times They Are A Changin’

It isn’t easy letting go.

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I Lick You

She was just marking her spot.

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Objects Of Affection

“She didn’t like holding the gun so we just laid it beside her. She didn’t like holding the antlers so we just laid those beside her. She didn’t like sitting up so she just laid there.”

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Rockabye Baby

Nightmares be gone.

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Born To Be Awkward - Babies

Born To Be Awkward

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Baby Barely - Babies

Baby Barely

“We were in vacation on Virginia visiting my aunt. My mom and dad thought it’d be a good idea to get a picture of my brother and I with the ocean in the background. And an even better idea letting my barely older than me brother hold me… the baby. Well, when my dad said “okay on the count of three” my brother Matt thought that meant to let go. My mom and aunt raced to grab me and caught me barely by the foot. My dad kept snapping the picture which resulted in this family classic.”

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Picture Perfect - Babies

Picture Perfect

“Our middle child was terrified of having her picture taken so this attempt to get a portrait of all 3 kids utterly failed.”

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Shocker - Babies


It was the last time he’d use that stylist.

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