Family Gets Creative With Daughter’s Eyepatch

Family Gets Creative With Daughter’s Eyepatch - Awkward Galleries

“My daughter has to wear an eyepatch, so we tried to make the best of it.”

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Jorge - Babies

“Its me with 1 year. Now, I am 29.”

(submitted by Jorge in Brazil)

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Hot Mess

Hot Mess - Babies

Just another day in paradise.

(via Josh)

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Wagon Trouble Revisited

Wagon Trouble Revisited - Babies

Born To Be Awkward cover model Aleister then… and now. We’re glad to see he’s still got it.


(submitted by Julian)

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Day Rider

Day Rider - Babies

“I applaud my parents for taking awesome baby pictures of me.”

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Hip To Be Square

Hip To Be Square - Babies

“My fiancé’s family always teased him about having a square head, I never understood it until I saw this…”

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In Babies • June 2nd, 2015 • 6 Comments »

Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Can’t Get No Satisfaction - Babies

“My sister said she wasn’t happy about being dressed in curtains and a placemat.”

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