Sweet 16

Sweet 16 - Birthdays

“She wanted pictures of herself and her boyfriend for her 16th birthday. Did I do it right?”

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Lucky Dogs

Lucky Dogs - Birthdays

“We were taking a family photo for my birthday and got upstaged by the dogs.”

(submitted by Sally)

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The Big 6-0

The Big 6-0 - Birthdays

“The cake for a 60-year-old’s birthday party.”

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Nerf War

Nerf War - Birthdays

“Terrorizing the wife with the best birthday present she ever gave me.”

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Birthday Blues

Birthday Blues - Birthdays

“My 7th birthday in 1982. My mother wanted to take a nice picture of me with my cake but my hair was all static-y and I got mad and would not let her brush it.  So, she took this picture of me pouting over my cake, messy hair and all.”

(submitted by Robyn) 

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Dad’s “Gift”

Dad’s “Gift” - Birthdays

“This is my beloved father-in-law, George, who passed away in 2015.  When searching for pictures to post at his funeral, we stumbled upon this one.  It didn’t make the cut, and you can see why from looking at it.  George had a great sense of humor and 7 kids to boot, so the picture fits him perfectly!”

(submitted by Celeste)

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Parallel Thinking

Parallel Thinking - Birthdays

“My birthday cards from my divorced parents both arrived today.”

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In Birthdays • February 6th, 2017 • Comments Off on Parallel Thinking
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