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The Catusi

“My cousin’s birthday party and that’s Catwoman teaching me and my cousins how to dance.”

(submitted by Amanda)

Party Fowl

“Me on my Sesame Street-themed second birthday in 1989 and my uncle was dressed as Big Bird. Unfortunately, the costume shop forgot the tights when he picked it up.”

(submitted by IG @lauragrace612

Mistake Piggy

“This is my brother and sister Judy at one of their birthday parties in the early 80s. I don’t think my brother was aware of exactly what was behind him.”

(submitted by IG @ruthie_esther

One And Done

“My daughter was clearly overwhelmed at her cake smash.”

(submitted by IG @aliciamastrid

The Player

“My Grandma took me to the L.A. Playboy Club for my 4th birthday in 1974.”

(submitted by IG @seantraceytroubadour)

The Birthday Balloon

“My big birthday celebration. My dad was in radio, so I’m sure he picked up the balloon at a broadcast promotion.”

(submitted by Alicia)

Spider-Man: Very Far From Home

“We hired a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for our son’s 3rd birthday party. It was the most awkward half hour of my life.”

(submitted by IG @bren_cola_official)

Happy Day

“My Mom was so excited to take birthday pictures she wouldn’t let me find the closest bathroom first. But that takes a backseat to the fact I can only assume this was my 4th birthday party since the well-decorated ‘Happy Day’ cake wasn’t overly descriptive.”

(submitted by Mark)

Fish Food

“The cake we had planned to make for our sister’s 40th birthday party and the end result.”

(submitted by IG @franklingamms)

5 + 2

“My 7th birthday – apparently, my mom couldn’t be bothered to find a ‘7’ candle for my cake, so she used the leftover ‘5’ and ‘2’ from my sister’s and brother’s cakes! It was so much fun doing math for my birthday.”

(submitted by Terey)