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Queasy Birthday

“The time we were celebrating my dad’s birthday and my mom wanted to make sure we got my sick brother in the picture.”

(submitted by IG @suzfowers

Chuck E. Please

“Here I am, age 7, with my hometown’s 90’s version of Chuck E Cheese. Terrifying.”

(submitted by IG @elsieallison)

Birthday Crash

“After a full night of celebrating my mom on her 70th birthday, we realized we forgot to take a picture of her with the grandkids. This was what we got.”

(submitted by IG @ding_dang_tina)


My brother must have just turned 14 or 15 which apparently means that there is no party anymore. Instead he was stuck with an undecorated cake and a chicken pox/calamine lotion covered little sister to take his picture with. Clearly, neither one of us was very happy about it.

(submitted by Jamie)

Sausage Party

“My brother sitting next to my grandma in the late 1970’s in NYC. Note the sausages hanging as birthday streamers.”

(submitted by IG @tommyrockstar)

The Birthday Balloons

My 5th birthday in 1979. My mom is not known for baking or photography skills, as evidenced in this blurry snapshot of my patchy cake, fire displays and phallic balloon sculptures.”

(submitted by Kim)

Plaid On Plaid

“This picture was taken on Jan 8, 1980 on my cousins 1st birthday. I am the 11 year old child dressed like her parents with a father who was the only one wearing a party hat. The matching plaid couch along with our lumberjack wardrobe is what nightmares are made of or what makes your friends laugh at you hysterically. The bonus in this picture is that it was taken at a happy occasion but you wouldn’t be able to tell it by the look on my face.”

(submitted by Tawnya) 

One & Done

“Her first birthday. I’d say the joy is abundant.”

(submitted by IG @itsme_sharn)

Birthday Girl

“My 9th birthday, I guess I wasn’t having a great day.”

(submitted by IG @caro_tap

I Hugged A Clown Today

“It just wasn’t a real birthday party in the 80’s unless each kid left with some sort of lingering PTSD. This is me, clearly thrilled with the sticker on my dress that says ‘I hugged a clown today.'”

(submitted by IG @ca.rla2356