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Here Kitty Kitty

“The cake my grandma made for her 69th birthday.”

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Genuine Article

“Taking pictures for our little girl’s first birthday. The placement of my hair over my husband’s shirt is classic!”

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Cake Miscommunication

“The bakery asked us to send a picture of our desired ice cream cake. What we got was a picture of a cake ON the cake. My daughter’s birthday has gone meta.”

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Birthday Hardball

“This is the most demanding first birthday party invite ever.”

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Players Only

“My mother is from another country and knew nothing about Playboy. She just knew I loved bunnies and threw me a bunny-themed birthday party.”

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London Calling

“A friend made a cake for her daughter’s first birthday. No one said a word.”

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Dog Days

“My girlfriend’s daughter made me a bday card.”

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The Bond Of Love

“My twelve-year-old niece uses duct tape for her crafts. This is what my grandma bought her for her birthday.”

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Everything Tastes Better With Sprinkles

“It’s my cousin’s 8th birthday today. The card was quickly confiscated.”

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Deepest Sympathies

“My five-year-old niece picked out a birthday card for me.”

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