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Meet Egg Face

“My husband made my son a ‘Happy Birthday egg’ for his first birthday.”

(submitted by IG @luberville

Clown Care

“My husband and I left our daughter with my parents for the weekend so we could attend a wedding. It also happened to be Halloween. They said they’d dress her up to trick-or-treat…perhaps they got carried away.”

(submitted by Haley) 

Granny’s Piñatas

“For my third birthday, my granny made piñatas. They were creepy and scary and I really didn’t want to pose with them. León, Guanajuato. México. 1996”

(submitted by IG @mbcp___)

Muscle Head

“I ordered this cake for my son’s birthday. When we saw it we were all confused.”

(submitted by Sara)

Party Til You Drop

“This is my sister blowing out candles in a graveyard and I am standing beside her.”

(submitted by Brooke)

The Throne

“My grandma had a old toilet in her backyard for years. One day someone decided to put the baby inside the toilet. It seemed like a good idea at the time…”

(submitted by Bridget)

Split Ends

“My ex-husband surprised me after work with a birthday cake. I wanted a picture of my son and I for the scrapbook so was leaning forward to get closer to him. I had not been to the hairdresser’s in 2 years and had age inappropriate hair at the time. The candles took care of that and luckily, my husband managed to put out the flames with his bare hands once he realized what was happening. Of course, he missed the shot of me screaming my head off. I’ve been going for regular trims since.”

(submitted by Sharon)


The Birthday Girl

“This was taken for my mom’s December birthday — notice the weird birthday cake with Christmas trees on it. She looks thrilled. One hand with a death grip on my brother (who thought he was the ultimate warrior from WWE) and the other with a cigarette to take the edge off.”

(submitted by Tiara)

Crappy Birthday

“It was a custom that the cousins would give out the birthday spankings, but apparently for my birthday that year, it got a little rough. I think I look terrified. It’s like a scene out of “Lord of the Flies.” Notice the John Travolta poster in the background, and the fact that my brother is laughing maniacally and holding a leather belt.”

(submitted by Vanessa)

Balloon Baby

“This photo of my 6 month old brother, taken on my second birthday. Apparently my siblings thought it would be hilarious to tie balloons to all of his limbs and my parents were just like, ‘whatever.’ He was the eighth child.”

(submitted by IG @bekahbirdie