Christmalloween - Christmas


Who needs Halloween?
(submitted by Ana)
K.O. - Behind The Awkwardness


“This is my older sister (by 12 years) and my father. She got boxing gloves for Christmas and thought it would be a good idea to challenge our father. From the picture, you can tell, it wasn’t such a good idea.”

(submitted by Danielle)

Bad To The Bone - Christmas

Bad To The Bone

It’s gotta be the sweater.

(submitted by Charlie)

Drag The Halls - Christmas

Drag The Halls

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Season’s Greetings - Christmas

Season’s Greetings

Bah humbug.

(submitted by Julie)

Silent Night - Christmas

Silent Night

“While cleaning out my mother-in-laws attic, I found this little gem from 1990. Between the acid wash, teddy bear, and serial killer handwriting, it had AFP written all over it.”

(submitted by Meredith)

Center Of Attention Revisited - Christmas

Center Of Attention Revisited

A huge thanks to AFP royalty, Alex, from the classic Center Of Attention for sending another pic of her memorable holiday portrait session.

(submitted by Alex)

The Final Frontier - Behind The Awkwardness

The Final Frontier

“My daughter’s father gave his whole family space outfits for Christmas in hopes to get the family together for a photo session. I thought it was the oddest idea ever.”

(submitted by Val)

Step Up - Christmas

Step Up

“We received this in the mail from a family member for Christmas. Because who doesn’t love doing ballet on a crane?”

(submitted by Jordan)

Free Skate - Behind The Awkwardness

Free Skate

“I thought it would be great to ring in the new year by volunteering & supporting the Albany Allstars Roller Derby (un-finished) calendar project back in 2011. I really did use this as an awkward (yet endearing, I hope!?) Seasons Greetings family card!”

(submitted by Kate)