The Meow-ssiah

The Meow-ssiah - Christmas

“My Christmas card with my cat was deemed ‘sacrilegious.’ What do you think?”

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White Christmas

White Christmas - Babies

“This is my children’s first Christmas photo.”

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Christmas Surprise

Christmas Surprise - Christmas

“My girlfriend is starting to understand how my family jokes around Christmas.”

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Joe Dirt

Joe Dirt - Christmas

“Here is a picture of myself, my little brother, and my father. I don’t know why he had a mullet or why he’s wearing that shirt. He never worked at that place. As you can see, we are all dressed in our best.”

(submitted by Kristin)

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Weighing Her Down

Weighing Her Down - Babies

“My 2-year-old wouldn’t cooperate, so we put her on her stomach and put my 9-month-old on her back, hoping for some pretty smiles. The result is priceless.”

(submitted by Brittany) 

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No Chimney Required

No Chimney Required - Christmas

“My mother was cleaning the attic.”

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Hint, Hint

Hint, Hint - Christmas

“My daughter’s Christmas list.”

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