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Le Freaks

“My brother and his wife enjoying their family portrait at their kids expense!”

(submitted by Kenneth)


“My parents were married just after New Years in 1983. The Christmas decorations were still up and the NOEL letters were on the fireplace. My dad doesn’t smile for pictures and you can see my mom trying to get him to at least show some teeth. The best part is that all you can see of NOEL is NO. Pretty fitting for the groom’s expression!”

(submitted by Kelsie)

A Very Gynecologist Christmas

“My mother is a gynecologist and also into Christmas crafts.”

(via source)


“This was supposed to be our Christmas card. It turns out she just hated that sweater.”

(submitted by Matthew)

Purple Christmas

“My friend’s Prince-inspired Christmas tree.”

(via source)

A Christmas Surprise

“We took the kids to take pictures with Santa. Needless to say we were shocked as we scrolled through the photos and saw our daughter’s middle finger up with her head turned and smiling.”

(submitted by La Teisha)

Fear the Bear

“My little sister took a Christmas photo with a questionable bear, London 1976.”

(submitted by Jason) 

Scared Stiff

“So, my dog met Santa Claus.”

(via source)

Santa’s Workshop

“The setting of this Christmas photo explains a lot about my childhood.”

(via source)

The Spirit of ’93

“Warm smiles and happy holidays. 1993 was a great year.”

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