Graduation Bingo

Graduation Bingo - Graduation

“My Mom made this to entertain the family during a graduation ceremony.”

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On The Wrong Foot

On The Wrong Foot - Couples

“My girlfriend broke her foot ten minutes into her graduation photoshoot.”

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The Graduates

The Graduates - Graduation

“This is a picture of me and my high school boyfriend. Couples Grad Pics were a big thing in the ’90s I was way more into it than my BF. All the photographer said was, ‘Give me your sweet I’m in love face.’ I think I nailed it. While my boyfriend at the time looked like a serial killer. The print didn’t get ordered.”

(submitted by Sondra)

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Banana Boy

Banana Boy - Graduation

“I wasn’t able to attend the appointment for my son’s senior pictures.  I sent my son off with his sister (because I assumed she would give good guidance for pictures) and the photographer.  This is what I got.  We used it on his graduation announcement.”

(submitted by Jenna – photo by Brittni Willie Photography)

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Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage - Graduation

“My little brother is leaving home, so my parents bought him this cake.”

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The Graduate

The Graduate - Graduation

“I graduated college and this is what I got from my parents.”

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Welcome To The Real World, Kid

Welcome To The Real World, Kid - Graduation

“I’ll never forget graduation, the day I fell face first onto the concrete in front of a thousand people.”

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