Dads & Grads

Dads & Grads - Graduation

“It’s been 14 years in the making. I present to you the final chapter.”

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K-Grads - Graduation


Korean graduation just got a little more awkward and we’re loving it. See more inspired Korean grad pics here!

(submitted by Saeyoung)

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Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie - Behind The Awkwardness

“My dad at his college graduation party with the family… and a stripper! Yep, that’s me hanging off the back of the chair watching. And now I’m a nurse… Hmmm.

(submitted by Desirae)

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Grabuation - Graduation

Some have graduated. Some are still learning.

(submitted by Marilou in Canada)

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Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation - Behind The Awkwardness

“It was supposed to be a cap.”

(submitted by Laura)

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Graddy Daycare

Graddy Daycare - Graduation

Who needs a diploma?

(submitted by Alex)

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Senior Moment

Senior Moment - Graduation

She had no direction.

(submitted by Lynn Ann)

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