Diary of A New Mom

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In 2012, Lucy Scott gave birth to her first baby. Despite her extensive pre-baby research, nothing prepared her for the momentous task of caring for this new little person and so, she reached for a pencil and began to draw. Her hilarious book is available here.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Celebs

“So my mom ‘met’ Larry David today.”

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Footloose - Mom

It’s complicated.

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Puppy Love

Puppy Love - Kids

“My son’s lunch bag today.”

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Somebody’s Watching You

Somebody’s Watching You - Mom

“I asked my mom for a cool bookmark and this is what she gave me. (Yes, that is my mother.)”


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Big Mama

Big Mama - Mom

“80’s big hair had nothing on my Mom’s hair from 1970!”

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