Cosmos Chic

Cosmos Chic - School Photos

“Had a big Carl Sagan phase in high school.”

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Moving On Is A Process

Moving On Is A Process - Couples

“My friend decided to cover up the tattoo of his ex-wife.”

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Foreshadowing - Couples

“My husband and I had just started dating in this photo. Call it a foreshadow?”

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Wedding Wet Willie

Wedding Wet Willie - Siblings

“This is a photo of me and my older brother at my wedding. He suddenly gave me a wet willie during our photo shoot, but I told the photographer to take the picture because it captures our relationship to a T. My brother’s been giving me wet willies my whole life, even to this day. It’s usually the first thing he does whenever I see him. Basically it’s his way of saying ‘Hi.’ This wound up being one of my favorite photos from my wedding.”

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My Wife’s Secret

My Wife’s Secret - Couples

“I was putting away laundry. I can’t believe what I found at the bottom of my wife’s underwear drawer.”

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Cutting To The Chase

Cutting To The Chase - Random Awkwardness

“This is my kind of school fundraiser.”

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Pitfall - Dad

“My calculations were incorrect…”

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