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The 80’s

Sun Scream

“Argentina, 1980s. Me with the socks and sandals hugging that diabolical clown, while my mom sunbathes beside us.”

(submitted by IG @ailuromania__)

Target Practice

“Me and my big brother were ninjas in the 80s though I seemed to get the worst of it.”

(submitted by IG @gorillaghost666

The Triangle

“My mother got her hairdresser diploma in 1987. I was a poor innocent victim of her experiments. I guess she put a billiard triangle around my head and put in some hairspray.”

(submitted by Karine)

Dad’s Garden

“My father and I back in the early 80’s posing in front of his giant plant. Dad looks pretty proud of his green thumb.”

(submitted by IG @theumamioflife

My Moment With Minnie

“That’s me and a terrifyingly sinister Minnie Mouse (zoom into the eyes if you dare) in the late 1980s at a hotel we were staying in. At first glance I thought my hand was tied to the other child’s but then realised it was ‘Minnie’s’ gloves.”

(submitted by IG @SparkleRocket

Stuck in the Middle With Them

“Halloween, 1988. My mom made the clown costumes and did the make up. I still have not recovered.”

(submitted by IG @tacocatannatacocat)

One Luftballoon

“We hiked a LOT in the early 80’s, whether I wanted to or not. The balloon apparently did nothing for my mood.”

(submitted by IG @junowits

Big Hair, Don’t Care

“The last (and arguably the greatest) professional portrait studio photo of my husband and his family.”

(IG @goprintgo)

The Cutting Crew

“This pic is my mom, dad, brother, sister and her husband, me and my demonic-looking son. This family portrait was taken in the 80s…we were really a scary crew.”

(submitted by IG @tecobb00

Stacy & Tracy

“My sister (Tracy, in the red) and I (Stacy, in the blue) in the summer of 85.”

(submitted by IG @grislybear88