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The 80’s

Find Your Beach

“Mom didn’t trust my dad to hold me outside the carrier.”

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“My parents took me out one night in the 80s.”

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Something Wild

“This happened unexpectedly to my dad’s friend in Idaho circa 1980 while he was leaning into his car to get something.”

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Mane Event

“My mother at 17, this was her senior portrait, the lady loved her hair so much she took a bunch of pictures for her. 1988.”

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Winging It

“My parents were at a concert and I just HAD to go.”

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“My dad showing off his parenting skills, 1985.”

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Come In Orson

“My 80’s style was on point in this school photo. Garfield pin on my Mork from Ork suspenders and pants, over my popped collar, on top of a unicorn print turtleneck. Everything above the neck is a bonus.”

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Some Kind Of Wonderful

“My Dad in the late 80’s.”

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Major Laser

“This was my 9th grade school photo, the last school photo I ever took. It still hangs in some relative’s houses 31 years later. What can I say, it was the late 80’s on Long Island and hair metal reigned supreme. I am still proud of the height I got on my hair back then.”

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They’ve Got The Look

“My family wasn’t very photogenic in the 80s.”

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