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The 80’s

Spider Meh

“My neighbors and I at the Thomaston, Ga. Belk with the amazing Spider-Man circa 1981.”

(submitted by IG @thames.dominion


“Me as a baby around 1989. Don’t worry, I’m not really drunk, but I sure look a lot like I am.”

(submitted by Laura)

Pony Up

“My brother and I took a pony ride at the Whaling City Festival in the 80s and the pony ride operator had swagger.”

(submitted by IG @noelthehenebury_1stP

One Luftballoon

“We hiked a LOT in the early 80’s, whether I wanted to or not. The balloon apparently did nothing for my mood.”

(submitted by IG @junowits

The Barbet

“My school photo from the 80s. My mullet was fashioned after the 1982 Happy Birthday Barbie and my glasses are decorated with decals picked out from the decal book at the optical shop.”

(submitted by IG @jen_oneill73

Bizarro Big Bird

“Here’s me in 1986 with this terrifying looking holiday Big Bird where you can see the guy’s face in the cutout below the beak.”

(submitted by IG @karamasm

Pole Position

“This is me (on the pole), my impressed sister, and my disappointed mother circa 1984. My dancing career never took off but I guess there’s still time.”

(submitted by IG @paulacbrown)

Enormous Avian

“Me and my sisters at our local grocery store in rural Indiana in the mid-1980s for the ‘Meet Big Bird Charity Event’ where we met this nightmare.”

(submitted by IG @hollyjoyz

I Got My Eye On Me

“We took my son, (then two, now 38), for his birthday photos. I have no idea about what the photographer wished to accomplish, but if it was to cause nightmares for the foreseeable future, it certainly worked.”

(submitted by Susan)

Break Something

“This is a picture of my breakdancing club. It’s origins are from Bellerose Queens, NY.  It’s the late 1980s when breakdancing was a thing.  If this doesn’t qualify as awkward IDK what does.”

(submitted by David)