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The 80’s

Break Something

“This is a picture of my breakdancing club. It’s origins are from Bellerose Queens, NY.  It’s the late 1980s when breakdancing was a thing.  If this doesn’t qualify as awkward IDK what does.”

(submitted by David)

Hello Dolly

“My mom gave my dad a Dolly Parton cake for his birthday in 1984. He was not amused for some reason, even though I know he loves Dolly and apparently he didn’t wear shirts in the 80s.”

(submitted by IG @brunotheears)


“My dad on a Saturday morning excitedly packing his 6 pack for a PSU game. My mom doesn’t seem thrilled with his plans.”

(submitted by IG @jenniferelizabeth99

Party Fowl

“Me on my Sesame Street-themed second birthday in 1989 and my uncle was dressed as Big Bird. Unfortunately, the costume shop forgot the tights when he picked it up.”

(submitted by IG @lauragrace612

Daddy’s Girl

“My dad and I having a drink in 1985. We’re Irish and German so a little drink here and there is no big deal.”

(submitted by Amanda)

Simply Radishing

“This is the man I live with showing off his harvest many years ago.”

(submitted by Linda)

Groin Eye Lens

“Circa 1982. I’m the baby being held by my sister. We had lined up the cans to crush them for recycling. My Dad got down low on a camp chair to take the pic, and accidentally included his crotch and beer belly (look closely).”

(submitted by IG @kapaha1


“My parents took us to the Masters back in the 80s. It was such a momentous occasion my dad paid for this picture and had it framed. Hint: I’m wearing purple.”

(submitted by IG @complainasaurus_rex

The Seduction

“This is a photo of my Ma and Pop out on a date in the ’80s. My mom must have followed the instructions on my father’s shirt, because 9 months later I was born!”

(submitted by Cleitus)

Smoking Meal

“Nothing says Happy 6th Birthday like a private party in the designated smoking section of McDonald’s, circa 1987.”

(submitted by IG @erinkoning