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The 80’s

Big Hair, Don’t Care

“The last (and arguably the greatest) professional portrait studio photo of my husband and his family.”

(IG @goprintgo)

The Cutting Crew

“This pic is my mom, dad, brother, sister and her husband, me and my demonic-looking son. This family portrait was taken in the 80s…we were really a scary crew.”

(submitted by IG @tecobb00

Stacy & Tracy

“My sister (Tracy, in the red) and I (Stacy, in the blue) in the summer of 85.”

(submitted by IG @grislybear88

Triple Threat

“My dad, his brothers, and their mullets.”

(submitted by Dane)

Glam Fam

“My 80s rockstar parents and me looking like a marionette.”

(submitted by IG @skyguy5000)

No Frills

“Our very 80’s K-Mart photo session taken in Michigan in 1988 and I’m the chunky baby.”

(submitted by IG @lorenbixby

New Year Cheer

“I’m the second girl from the right in the first row. It was December 1983 and a children’s New Year’s celebration in the USSR. It was common for the children to appear in Halloween-like costumes. Uncle Lenin was also everywhere. Can’t you feel the joy?”

(submitted by IG @julia_sh2511)

Simply Radishing

“This is the man I live with showing off his harvest many years ago.”

(submitted by Linda)

Rays Of Sunshine

“A vacation from 1989 to the Luray caverns Virginia. It was a beautiful and magical day.”

(submitted by IG @amberrosecreations)

Hello Dolly

“My mom gave my dad a Dolly Parton cake for his birthday in 1984. He was not amused for some reason, even though I know he loves Dolly and apparently he didn’t wear shirts in the 80s.”

(submitted by IG @brunotheears)