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The 80’s

Tour de Pants

“Taken in our driveway in Oberursel, Germany in 1988 (we’re from the US but lived there for a few years). Good thing my Dad’s instinct was to take a picture before helping me.”

(submitted by IG @authorasbury

Fashion Forward

“I don’t know what’s worse: our eighties hair, glasses, or outfits.”

(submitted by IG @kellyflorence19

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“Homecoming around 1990. I am second from left. Oh Robert Smith, where were you??”

(submitted by Wendy)

Break Something

“This is a picture of my breakdancing club. It’s origins are from Bellerose Queens, NY.  It’s the late 1980s when breakdancing was a thing.  If this doesn’t qualify as awkward IDK what does.”

(submitted by David)


“This is my Dad prancing around in his cut off jeans. The two older women in the background look generally concerned, and with good reason. Yeah I see where I get my extreme enthusiasm for jorts.”

(submitted by Ashley) 

Mane Attraction

“Yeah, this is supposed to be a family photo, but let’s be honest: the real star is my brother’s ginormous, outrageously over-teased hair.”

(submitted by Laura)

My Sister’s Vice

“I’m with Tubbs. My sister with Crockett. She was in love with Don Johnson back in the day, and couldn’t help herself. Notice her  strategically placed hand on his chest while gently nudging his cardboard nipple.”

(submitted by IG @tanya77xoxo

Roller Derby

“This is peak 1980s, family portraiture, on skates. I’m the one providing the flourish, as the caboose on the end.”

(submitted by IG @delia.zielinski

Rear Window Regret

“I’m loving this photo I came across. It’s our wedding day and the ‘rear car window show’ shot was a popular pose back in the late 80’s. Judging by my expression either my new hubby farted or I’ve just realized what I’ve done.”

(submitted by Ange)


“Here’s my old breakdancing crew, the Suburban Street Rockers, in 1985.”

(via source)