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The 80’s

Way Of The Dragon

“A photographer came to the karate studio my parents made me go to back in 1982. I had no interest in karate and wasn’t good but I sure looked like hot stuff with my pose and props. This pic has gone from my most embarrassing to my absolute favorite.”

(submitted by IG @velmabelcher


Triple Threat

“My dad, his brothers, and their mullets.”

(submitted by Dane)

Got Your Goat

“Me and my brother at the zoo in the early 80s. Someone should have told 4 year old me how this picture was going to turn out.”

(submitted by IG @elanzarone)

Grandma Gacy

“Halloween 1985. My Nonni (grandmother) loves Halloween and dresses up every year and here she is freaking out my 6 month old brother.”

(submitted by IG @giannatiama

Kraftwerk It

“Berlin, 1980s. My mom’s mullet is the cherry on top of this moody photo.”

(submitted by IG @maliwali

Clown Under

“Perth, Australia in the late 80’s. I’m the littlest and pictured with my 2 older brothers and my older sister. We all have no idea who the clown is or why he is even there…just so random!”

(submitted by IG @leannelee84

Rear Window Regret

“I’m loving this photo I came across. It’s our wedding day and the ‘rear car window show’ shot was a popular pose back in the late 80s. Judging by my expression either my new hubby farted or I’ve just realized what I’ve done.”

(submitted by Ange)

Crockett Collar

“Palm City, FL 1984 with my Dad. I grew up watching Miami Vice and thought I looked awesome- just like Crockett.”

(submitted by IG @col._tharp

Card Sharks

“Why did we think this was going to be cute?”

(submitted by Amber)

The Barbet

“My school photo from the 80s. My mullet was fashioned after the 1982 Happy Birthday Barbie and my glasses are decorated with decals picked out from the decal book at the optical shop.”

(submitted by IG @jen_oneill73