Obvious Plant Fake Halloween Costumes

Obvious Plant Fake Halloween Costumes - Awkward Galleries

Some more genius from the folks at Obvious Plant… just in time for Halloween.

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Bellies Of The Ball

Bellies Of The Ball - Pregnancy

Okay, but what’s the one of the left supposed to be?

(via Mark Jordan Photography)

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Ghost Town

Ghost Town - Family Portrait

“My husband, granny and sister-in-law at a Sears glamour portrait from the 80s.”

(submitted by Penny)

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Cult of Personalities

Cult of Personalities - Behind The Awkwardness

“This photo says it all. My oldest brother was and still is the quiet one. My middle brother was always getting in trouble and speaking his mind, and I am still the little sister who sees the good in every situation and always with a smile.”

(submitted by Joelene)

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First Dance

First Dance - Prom

“Felt inclined to share my first school dance picture – I was seconds away from making my move.”

(via source)

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11 Nostalgic Blasts From The Past

11 Nostalgic Blasts From The Past - Photos

We love nostalgia here at AFP and so we want to thank our friends at, for sending us a bunch of cool retro goodies from our awkward youth (tee-shirts, toys, games, candy, and much more) that made for a trip down memory lane.

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Two Of A Kind

Two Of A Kind - Halloween

“One year my sister and I wanted to be the Teletubbies for Halloween, so our mother decided to make the costumes herself. But she couldn’t find any yellow footy pajamas so we were stuck being the same one. I’m the one on the left. As you can tell I was thrilled.”

(submitted by Hannah)

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