Puff Puff

A look back at a time when even shoulder pads were not enough.

(submitted by Gemma)

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Saturday Night Special: Hot Tub Time Machine

This family prefers the wet look.

(submitted by Bud)

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Nobody looks forward to a haircut.

(submitted by Chuck)

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Big Man On Campus

They felt he was always talking down to them.

(submitted by Tim)

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Behind The Awkwardness: Three Little Pigs

“My loving mother (the one on the sled) thought it would be a wonderful photo opportunity to have ballerina pig costumes hand-made for us all. My sister Adellie (in front) and I were firmly instructed to look as though we were having a jolly good time as we pretended to push our Mommy through the snow. I recall crying a lot during this photo-shoot. And the answer is yes, we were forced to wear these on Halloween and yes, it was on our Christmas card that year.”

(submitted by Ava)

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