Saturday Night Special: Tinseltown

“This was one of my many dance costumes in the early 80′s. We were doing a theme to Star Wars for this one…but I’m not really sure why this particular costume was being used. Perhaps the cascading tinsel made it look futuristic? The worst part was that when my mom bought the photo package she also purchased a 5 inch button with this photo that she used to wear around.”

(submitted by Vanessa)

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Balancing Act 3

They just wanted to go on the swings.

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Correction. Wiped out.

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Behind The Awkwardness: Tossed

“This is a picture of my younger sister – she was determined to win the elementary school Halloween Costume Contest that year. My mother came up with the brilliant idea to turn her into a salad for Halloween. Her hands were a fork and a spoon and her feet were also tomatoes to match her head. Of course, that year they decided to forgo the Halloween Costume Contest and she was just plain miserable all night, next to her friends that were dressed as princesses and ballerinas.”

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Gone With The Wind

This family always exuded a Civil Warmth.

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