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“Innocent mother daughter pic gone wrong #reborn.”

(submitted by Marie)


“Found an old birthday card from a girl while helping my parents move.”

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The Kill Scene

“Mom and Dad were world travelers and the house was filled with odd and beautiful pieces of art. For my wedding day photos, the photographer cleared an area of the living room, but kept one small table and statue in view.  The statue is a polar bear killing a seal. He went with ‘odd’ instead of ‘beautiful’.”

(submitted by Sonia)



“This was back in the 80’s when child safety was of no concern to adults. We never figured out if my grandpa took this picture for posterity or to shame me for not being able to safely use a large knife at 6 years-old. (Knowing him, my money’s on the latter.)”

(submitted by Nancy)

The Anteater

“Just my mom with her anteater, Claude.”

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“Do a photography project of people throwing stuff at you, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.” Read More

Tipping Point

“My son is still working on his balance.”

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King Of The Gingers

“King of the Redheads, crowned at a recent Irish Redhead Convention.”

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Hair Band

“Ahh, 1988. The year my family had the same haircut.”

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25 Pets Celebrating Their Birthdays

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