Recrerating The Awkwardness

Recrerating The Awkwardness - Recreations

“Recently, when all my siblings and I were together for the weekend we decided to recreate this photo from 1992.  My brother In the rugby shirt used blue fabric paint to make an exact match to his original shirt, the brother next to him is wearing the same hat from the original picture, and my sister in the back used medical tape to make the stripes on her shirt. Good times!”

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In Awkward Galleries • August 21st, 2015 • 2 Comments »

The Auditor

The Auditor - Halloween

“Found a childhood photo of mine… kind of explains the smartass label my parents gave me when I was younger.”

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Floored - Wedding

“Wedding photographer captures romantic moment between bridesmaid and floor.”

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One Star Reviews Of National Parks

One Star Reviews Of National Parks - Awkward Galleries

Kauai, Hawaii

While it might seem strange, given their beauty, it turns out that a few national park visitors aren’t leaving their vacations satisfied at all. And they’re taking to Yelp to voice their complaints.

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Children Of The Corn

Children Of The Corn - Recreations

“I grew up on a farm in rural South Dakota, and my parents took this photo of me (left) and my brother and sister during the 1990 harvest. I was full of nervous tics back then, puffing my cheeks out and tugging at my already-too small shorts. This past weekend was the 25-year anniversary of that photo, and it was a rare occasion where the whole family was together. My brother, sister, and I stood in about the same place on the farm to recreate this gem, with me wearing my mother’s tank top and dad’s swimming trunks.”

(submitted by Ryan)

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