Can You Take Me Higher?

Can You Take Me Higher? - Dad

“My dad always got us so high.”

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World’s Funniest “Dicks”

World’s Funniest “Dicks” - Awkward Galleries

How immature are we? Very. But dare you not to crack a smile.

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Lost In Space

Lost In Space - Teens

“This is why my 14 year-old should look up from his phone sometimes.”

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Symapthy For The Devil

Symapthy For The Devil - Photos

“When you have triplets, you don’t always think everything through.”

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Smashing Christmas

Smashing Christmas - Christmas

“My Grandma got so smashed at dinner that she fell into the Christmas tree. She’s a sprightly older lady and she can handle her drink (she’d actually had something near 4 bottles of wine AND sherry) then she fell over backwards into the tree and was laughing hysterically.¬†We pulled her out of the tree and put her to bed. The next day she came over, singing songs and eating good food, and she was highly embarrassed about being smashed.”

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Make Yourself Comfortable

Make Yourself Comfortable - Family Portrait

“That family pic where I had my hand in my pants.”

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Don’t Fall Asleep

Don’t Fall Asleep - Family Portrait

“This year, my family started a new Thanksgiving tradition… don’t fall asleep.”

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