Into The Woods

funny band kid

“In the truest sense of the term, this is an awkward family photo. Circa 1984. Failing to capture the spirit of my role in the North Stafford High School marching band, dad thought it made sense to stage a photo of me in my uniform … in the woods … in a chair that just happened to be there … and without my sax. Instead, it looks like I am the young regent of Sherwood Forest, perhaps its constable, given the bobby hat.”

(submitted by Chris)

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Hey, Let’s Pose With a Tree

awkward sister picture

“One day my sister and I were taking a walk when she suddenly said ‘Hey, lets go take pictures with the trees.’”

(submitted by Samantha)

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The Evolution of a Wavecrush

ocean fail

This family is about to receive a surprise.

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Days of Denim

denim family picture

“This is my family around 1995 or so. The height of Ck1 and denim themed family photos apparently. That’s me smashing my ribs and gripping on for dear life while I had to hold my serious face pose.”

(submitted by Lindsay)

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