funny dad photo, masquerade

Trading Places

“On this Xmas eve, me and my dad dressed up as each other (as a part of my art project 365 Masquerades where I’m masquerading every day during 2014).”

(submitted by Alexis in Sweden)

Born To Be Awkward - Babies

Born To Be Awkward

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funny christmas cards, ugly christmas sweaters


“Tired of the same old Christmas pictures, we decided to send something a little different to our friends.”

(submitted by Jose in Portugal)

Recreating The Awkwardness - Recreations

Recreating The Awkwardness

(submitted by Jill)

funny family photos, russian nesting dolls

The Matryoshkas

Frames are so contrived.

(submitted by Sarah)

funny christmas photos, matching pajamas

Scotch Tape

“A photo, circa 1983, of my mother’s family.  Note the pajamas and natural, first-thing-in-the-morning hairstyles.”

(submitted by Elaine)

funny christmas photos, baby in danger

Santa Baby

Always keep an eye on the red hat.

(submitted by Katie)

Christmas Chicken - Behind The Awkwardness

Christmas Chicken

“My parents took my brother and I to a Christmas Party in a fancy hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. Instead of having a Santa Clause, they had a Christmas Chicken instead. We don’t seem too pleased.”

(submitted by Shane)

What’s Cooking - Christmas

What’s Cooking

Nothing like a homecooked meal.

(submitted by Jeff)

Tongue - Christmas


“The photographer asked us to kiss and for the kids to act grossed out. It was all good until she said “Now, everyone stick out your tongue.”

(submitted by Nichole)