The Deadliest Bun

The Deadliest Bun - Mom

“My mother-in-law thinks quivers are overrated.”

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Freedom - Kids

“Not only is is the first day of school, it’s the first year with ALL kids in school!”

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Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray - Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

“I didn’t tell my aunt and uncle about that one wave.”

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Better Than Cake

Better Than Cake - Birthdays

“My mom hired a stripper for my grandma’s birthday.”

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Yes Or Yes

Yes Or Yes - Kids

“My six-year-old nephew taught me how to get a date.”

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The Wedding Crash

The Wedding Crash - Wedding

“Spot-on cake at the wedding I attended today.”

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A Bird For Grandma

A Bird For Grandma - Grandma

“Lovely family picture with Grandma in the 90s.”

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