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Baby Doll

Well, at least the furniture is covered.

(submitted by Ricey)

Claw VS Paw

The Clawrate Kid has met his match.

5 Wedding Faux Pas

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Let’s just say he will have a hard time dating.

(submitted by Jamie)


A perfect fit.

(submitted by Gabriela)


“Me and my step dad back in 1991. He refused to take a photo without his beer AND his cigarette present. This one also features my undies showing and that god awful couch everyone seems to have had during the late 80s and early 90s.”

“Taken back in roughly 85/86. Me and my Uncle Chuck, who apparently thought he was Hugh Hefner and was allowed to wander around the house in his robe and pj’s all day, every day.”

(submitted by Cathy)


Sometimes, a selfie should truly be a selfie.

(submitted by Becky)

Baby’s Day Out

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Recreating The Awkwardness

“My sister and I would play dress up at our grandmas, and needless to say, grandma didn’t have many guy costumes in her costume chest.”

(submitted by Justin)

Catch Me If You Can

A ringing endorsement for New Balance.

(via Imgur)