Bag Lady - Behind The Awkwardness

Bag Lady

“Ever since my older sister was born, my dad was filming and taking photos of us. Then I was born and we went to Hersey park. It seems having a baby in a stroller helped equip dad with a way to carry his camera bag.”

(submitted by Jax)

Shiny Happy People - Random

Shiny Happy People

(Artwork by Kirk Demarais)


Open Sea - Glamour Shots

Open Sea

Leather…. the fabric of our lives.

(submitted by Natalia in Russia)

Awkward Ecard: Playtex - Photos

Awkward Ecard: Playtex

Princess Complex - Behind The Awkwardness

Princess Complex

“Sadly, this is me. Hats off to my husband for marrying a girl with THESE issues.”

(submitted by Cheri)

The Fall Guy - Wedding

The Fall Guy

He was head over heels for her.

(submitted by Diane)

The Name Of The Boat - Vacation

The Name Of The Boat

Oh, Canada.

(submitted by Christy)

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night - Babies

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

The antidote for nightmares as children is the cause for nightmares as adults.

(submitted by Melissa)


Awkward Ecard: My Pretty - Photos

Awkward Ecard: My Pretty

Back To The Future - Recreations

Back To The Future

(via the genius Irina Werning)