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Pretty Bird

They were trying to get a bird’s eye view.

(submitted by Rebecca)

The New Guy

“This is my son at my wedding to his stepfather.”

(submitted by Samantha)


You can look, but he’d rather you touch.

(submitted by Trevor)

Meet The Fredericks

That’s right. Frederick.

(submitted by Greg)

Just Dance

Proof that lightning does strike twice.

(submitted by Terri)

The Mascot

Some holidays need no introduction.

(submitted by Diane)

A Handful

When you got more ferrets than you can hold, you’ve got too many ferrets.

(submitted by Linda)

Out Of The Picture

“My grandma wasn’t too happy when my dad and my step-mom got divorced. She decided the best way to handle it was to cut her out, literally. I am the one to the right feeling a little left out.”

(submitted by Amber)

The Namastes

They were thinking of adopting a downward dog.

(submitted by Alan)


Looks like she got her birthday wish after all.

(submitted by Julia)