Choo Choo

Choo Choo - Photos

“I can’t believe my sister and I still fit into these outfits 37 years later.”

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Dog Pile

Dog Pile - Pets

“I pushed my dog out of the seat so I could sleep. Later my wife took this picture.”

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Toothpaste Mistake

Toothpaste Mistake - Friends

“Friend of mine started their day off poorly.”

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Joint Wedding

Joint Wedding - Dad

“My Dad and Uncle at their ‘joint’ wedding in the 1970s.”

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Christmas Recreation

Christmas Recreation - Christmas

“The original photo has been a favorite of family and friends since it was our family Christmas card 1999. Different city, different home, but we think we got pretty close.”

(submitted by Linda)

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Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic - Kids

“I wanted this to look sweet, with my husband and I being a little blurry, and the kids looking on. The photographer snapped a lot of pictures and of course the kids were disgusted in all of them. This was by far the best one!”

(submitted by Becky. Photo by Cee Photography

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The “Borrowed” License

The “Borrowed” License - Friends

“My friend received a surprise in the mail.”

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