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The 90’s


“I was channeling talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael and my mom had made us matching sweatshirts.”

(submitted by IG @ashleylovespadthai


“My sister and I in the 90s. I think we might have used hydrogen peroxide.”

(submitted by IG @imnomolly

Weeney Roast

“Me being an Uber Goth teenage posing next to tombstones unknowingly covering the ‘S’ in ‘Sweeney.’ Kind of ruined the mood of the photo!”

(submitted by Eden)

Morning People

“A festive photo of 8-month old me, my mom, and my Aunt in a Kurdish photo studio in Turkey, 1997.”

(submitted by IG @rojda.durdu

Rec Heads

“Russellville Alabama. early 90s and my uncles (on the top and bottom left) and their friends were really into Rec Center amateur wrestling. They even built a ring in their backyard.”

(submitted by IG @joshuaheathscott

The Unusual Suspects

“Our happy Christmas in 90s Brazil.”

(submitted by IG @paula_bissoni

Discovery Toys

“This pic was taken in the early 90s after my great grandmother had just died. My father had built her coffin and my cousins and I thought it would be fun to play around in it before her burial. I’m the child in the middle.”

(submitted by IG @neekolo

The Bath Of Damocles

“Me in 1993, when health and safety hadn’t apparently been invented yet.”

(submitted by IG @charlenekkkkkk

Got Goth?

“1991 High school Graduation photo. I was goth. Can you tell? All of the kids got 2 sets of photos, one with and one without the cap and gown. I refused to wear the cap for either photo. It didn’t fit anyway.”

(submitted by IG @_michelemelcher_)

Way Of The Doudou

“My girlfriend and her mother in Mont-Mou (New Caledonia) circa 1993. The family just bought new land which is why her mother looks so happy. The name of the impaled stuffed toy behind them was Doudou (pronounced do-do).”

(submitted by IG @bgermser)