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The 90’s

Neon Nineties

“The year was 1993 and me and my sister were in dance class together.”

(submitted by IG @purrs3ph0ne)

Dialed In

“My family owned an Internet service provider when I was growing up, and this was our big promo shot.”

(submitted by Nikki) 

The Birthday Chicken

“We were at a restaurant in 2000 and there was a birthday in another area of the restaurant and the man in the chicken suit was entertaining at the party and going on a bathroom break. My father asked if he could take a picture of him with us, he said “sure” and then my father handed me the camera and told me take a picture of your siblings with the chicken. So I did it.”

(submitted by IG @hesham_mamdouh

Santa Clown

“Me and my sister, Christmas in Chile 1996. Apparently the Santa we visited had a second job and was also a clown on the same day (there was full clown makeup under the beard).”

(submitted by IG @alielliey

The King At The King

“My grandma took me to Burger King in the 90s to meet and get serenaded by Elvis.”

(submitted by IG @addicted_to_lacquer

Laser Denim Mullets

“I don’t think anyone is prepared for the 90s masterpiece of my mom, her boyfriend, me and my brothers. Those mullets. The lasers. And so much denim.”

(submitted by IG @corpsekitten

Parking Lot Communion

“My little sister’s first Holy Communion. She was over getting her picture taken and wanted to get out of that dress. We were like, “Just one more in the parking lot!”

(submitted by Patrick)

Never Ending Story

“I was less than thrilled to ride the unicorn at the West Covina mall in Southern California in 1993.”

(submitted by IG @kelseymonroee

Big Fish

“Just what every kid recovering from an elbow reconstruction wants: a huge promotional fish from Long John Silvers stopping by with a care package of coloring supplies and I can’t remember what else. The early 90s were a strange time.”

(submitted by Andie)

Barney And Fiends

“Early 90s at a birthday party in Hollis, Queens and I was apparently not a big fan of Barney or his terrifying grin.”

(submitted by IG @ilana_dale_