Christmas Casual 2

Christmas Casual 2 - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Somebody wasn’t cc’d.

(submitted by Jaimie)

In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • December 5th, 2013 • 7 Comments »

Escape from Santa Claus

Escape from Santa Claus - Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

(submitted by Gabby)

In Christmas • December 5th, 2013 • 5 Comments »

War Of The Roses

War Of The Roses - Christmas

“These are my parents. Who are divorced. On Christmas.”

(submitted by Charlotte)

In Christmas • December 4th, 2013 • 3 Comments »

The Aristocrats

The Aristocrats - Pets

“At a family friends home for Thanksgiving dinner who deals in high end antiques for a living. So under a c.1500s painting and sitting on an Empire era sofa, my boyfriend casually had his arm around our jack russell with the hosts yorkie on his lap. I thought it would make a very sweet photo so snapped the picture just as our dog attempted to nail the yorkie. Both immediately jumped off the couch. We really weren’t sure what happened til we looked at the photo.”

(submitted by Diane)

In Pets • December 4th, 2013 • Comments Off on The Aristocrats

An Easter To Remember

An Easter To Remember - Behind The Awkwardness

“Easter 1967. The Easter Bunny brought two baskets — one with candy for me, one with Tareyton cigarettes for my father.”

(submitted by L.A.)

In Behind The Awkwardness • December 4th, 2013 • 4 Comments »

Recreating The Awkwardness

Recreating The Awkwardness - Misc

(submitted by Sally)

In Misc • December 3rd, 2013 • 8 Comments »

Bugs & Elmer

Bugs & Elmer - Couples

A match made in heaven.

(submitted by Michael)

In Couples • December 3rd, 2013 • 5 Comments »
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