Burn Unit - Behind The Awkwardness

Burn Unit

“My mom is not willing to give to the world her cure for sunburns, fortunately.”

(submitted by Diego)

Just My Lick - AFP Hall Of Fame

Just My Lick

Don’t blame her– she was told to act natural.

(submitted by Kandee)

Garden Of Eden - Pets

Garden Of Eden

She thought offering an apple would be too subtle.

(submitted by Ashley)

Share The Love - Engagement

Share The Love

Sure, the surgery had its disadvantages, but they did save money on their fall wardrobe.

(submitted by David)

Saturday Night Special: The Mounty - Pets

Saturday Night Special: The Mounty

Who says cats and dogs can’t get along?

(submitted by Laura)

Squeeze Play - Wedding

Squeeze Play

You may now pinch the bride.

(submitted by Lexington)

Shoulder Candy - Pets

Shoulder Candy

Yet another sign of global warming.

(submitted by Sophie)

Baby Black and White - AFP Hall Of Fame

Baby Black and White

We’ve got ourselves an old fashioned cross-off.

(submitted by Nicole)

The Assistant - Pets

The Assistant

A real man knows when to ask for directions.

(submitted by Jennifer)

Baby Blues - Babies

Baby Blues

“Unfortunately, this is one of my first baby pictures. And yes, it is me. And no, I do not still look like this :)”

(submitted by Seth)