Whiter Shade Of Pale - AFP Hall Of Fame

Whiter Shade Of Pale

“When my father got remarried after my parent’s divorce, my mother went through the family albums and cut him out of all of the family photos. Using scissors became too labor intensive, so she switched to white-out.”

(submitted by Shawna)

Wrap It up - Pets

Wrap It up

He’s a gift to you, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress him up like one.

(submitted by Tony)

Up On A Roof - Family Portrait

Up On A Roof

When these kids find out that Santa isn’t real, they’re going to be really pissed.

(submitted by Lyn)

Ratatouille - Pets


Bates hadn’t been getting as much sleep lately.

(submitted by Heather)

The Christmas Bird - Christmas

The Christmas Bird

He was just pointing to Santa.

(submitted by Calvin)

This photo is featured in our new book!


Daddy’s Little Girl

This father was determined not to emasculate himself.

(submitted by Bethany)

Delighted - Kids


This young man makes his best attempt at “faking it.”

(submitted by Keeley Ann)

Cowgirls - Kids


Mom thought leopard print would be too tacky.

(submitted by Natalie)

The Phodographer - Pets

The Phodographer

This LWD is more comfortable behind the camera.

(submitted by Ken)

The Robes - Mom & Dad

The Robes

If the name fits, wear it.

(submitted by Stephanie)