Carved Up

Carved Up - Halloween

“My mother-in-law forced my wife and her two sisters to get into holiday spirit and carve pumpkins. Their expressions range from ‘angry’ to ‘I will kill you in your sleep.’ My wife is on the right and she clearly wasn’t having it.”

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Big Day

Big Day - Babies

“I had been in labor for 28 hours when our son finally was born. I had never been more tired in my life, but to my surprise, the only one not sleeping in our hospital room was me!”

(submitted by Anna)

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Read Like No One’s Watching

Read Like No One’s Watching - Photos

“My uncle Max didn’t even care.”

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The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend Of Zelda - Awkward Galleries

Thank goodness for our friends at Flashbak for exposing fascinating photo collections like this. We encourage everyone to check out their site… you won’t be disappointed.

In 1954, Krystal Company presented a breezy educational film detailing how staff at its Krystal restaurants should behave and dress. Founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on October 24 1932, Krystal was keen to embrace the staff, aka  ‘The Krystal Family’, and have them do things ‘the Krystal way’. This was ‘The Counter Code’.

Zelda, who we see in the lead photo, was breaking rules. Tutored in the Krystal way to ‘act natural’, she soon stowed her cigarette, set her disagreeable eyebrows free and her unblinking gaze on producing the great American burger; fighting the good fight against salmonella and starvation. Zelda’s not smiling in the portrait because she’s not sure about cameras and the kind of men who operate them and process amateur film in their home basement darkrooms. But she’s a happy girl and ready to serve.
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The Cowboy Missionary

The Cowboy Missionary - Photos

“My uncle Matt (on the right) moved from California to Montana to do missionary work. Guess he took to the cowboy lifestyle.”

(submitted by Holly)

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The Debonairs

The Debonairs - Mom & Dad

“My mom and dad in 1987.”

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Special Delivery

Special Delivery - News That Makes Us Feel Awkward

We’ve all felt the frustration of receiving a package from a careless delivery person who left it in a less-than-ideal location–crammed into a tiny mailbox, left on the front doorstep right before the sprinklers came on, that sort of thing. Sam Cooke, of Manchester, UK, has a mail carrier who goes the extra mile to make sure parcels get to their owners unharmed. But recently, it backfired.

Sam’s flat has a small open window. The mail carrier showed up when Sam wasn’t home, so he availed himself of that window. He slipped the package through and left Sam a note:

What the mail carrier didn’t know was the window is in Sam’s bathroom. Sam got a second note:

Sam went into his bathroom to investigate, and sure enough:

Yeah, that’s a no-doubter. Think of the bad luck needed for this to happen: the window was directly above the toilet, the toilet lid was left up, and the package was small enough to fit perfectly into the bowl.

And think about how the delivery guy must have felt, going from the satisfaction of a job well done to outright horror when he heard the package plop into the water. Brutal.

The package guy later came by to apologize in person, but Sam had a good sense of humor about the incident, and all was forgiven.

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