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The 70’s

The Grand Banana

“Family vacation around 1974. We drove all the way to California with my father taking dozens of rolls of film. By the time we did a swing by the Grand Canyon, we were all tired. We got out of the car and this is the sole photo my father snapped of us. We spent about 3 minutes there. Long enough for my mom to finish that banana.'”

(submitted by Libby)


“Midland, TX in the late 70’s. When Olan Mills Photography, West Texas football, and harvest gold kitchens were ALL the rage. Notice the clenched hands underneath that adorable smile? Don’t let the smile fool you. I was already a Level 8 worrier by this point.”

(submitted by IG @theocdbachelorette

The Mid-Year Growth Spurt

“Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed playing the saxophone in my Junior High School band in the early 70s. Hopefully I up-sized my Band jacket and trousers sometime during the school year…”

(submitted by Clif) 

Pub Crawlers

“When I was a kid my family decided to take a vacation to Blackpool, England. This picture is perhaps the only family portrait I have from my youth. I treasure it!”

(submitted by Audrey)

Spirit Of ’76

“This was taken in 1976 on our country’s Bicentennial because nothing screams ‘Murica’ like dressing up like our forefathers. I’m the little guy that resembles a puppet.”

(submitted by IG @randyfield)

Grandma The Ripper

“Judging from the family photo album, my grandma didn’t like my aunt’s first husband.”

(submitted by IG @glamouramalola)

T Is For Terror

“Me with the scariest Bert and Ernie ever at the Jersey Shore in the 1970s.”

(submitted by IG @ediane3

Puka Power

“1976 8th grade pic. Everyone wanted the Puka shells.”

(submitted by Mark) 

Bowl Four

“Our family bowl cuts ~circa late 70s.”

(submitted by IG @candace_collikakos)

Side Eye

“My husband’s family. Late 1970s Indiana. It’s a work of art.”

(submitted by IG @redog_greene