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The 70’s

Ichabod Jane

“Here is a picture of my mom featuring the amazing artistry of 1970s photographic technology. I don’t get it either.”

(submitted by IG @mizweirdo


“Iran, 1970s. I was 5 years old and in the picture (I’m the smallest) with my cousins. My mum thought shaving all our hair off would make our hair roots stronger!”

(submitted by IG @pourghadiri)

Seeing Double

“This my younger brother and I, taken around 1970, when the Partridge Family was a big hit. The vests were crushed velvet and our hair was plastered with Dippity-do so it would stay in place.”

(submitted by Rob) 

Good Old Milwaukee

“My tastes have changed since this sip of Old Milwaukee in the 1970s.”

(submitted by IG @pwshannon


“Me, my son, and Koko the clown in 1973 at the Shrine Circus.”

(submitted by IG @lindaroberto)

Roberto Ross

“My dad’s name is Roberto…so he looked like a dark-skinned latino version of Bob Ross . My sister already had me convinced I was the mailman’s kid and dad’s hair only helped her false narrative. None of it mattered as long as I had my Bert sweatshirt!”

(submitted by Mercedes) 

Thumb War

“What a proud moment for mom. Little did she know that there was no thumb sucking allowed in the picture!”

(submitted by Julie)

Far Out

“Halloween 1979. I’m the outhouse. I thought then (still do!) that it was an amazing costume from conception to fruition, and can’t imagine why mom waited 4 months to get this gem developed.”

(submitted by IG @polly_want_a)

Leotard Chic

“I spent much time in a leotard during the late 1970s/early 89s, evidently much to the chagrin of my grandmother and sister, both giving me the stink eye here. Mum seems not to care. Thanks, mum.

(submitted by IG @coleenkearon)


“This is my parents on their wedding day in 1975.  She was always on his mind then and she still is today. This year they celebrated their 46th anniversary.”

(submitted by Charles)