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The 70’s

Float On

“My Mom holding my older brother under my Dad’s floating head (1982).”

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In The Flesh

“My awkward family photo from the 70s.”

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Deep Dive

“My mom and dad when they were dating in the 70’s.”

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Meet Beanie

“My dad circa 1977 looking fly with his little buddy Beanie.”

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Southern Exposure

“My dad’s “termination of employment” letter circa 1979 is interesting.”

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Nookie Monster

“My dad, his  fro, his dog, and his t-shirt. 1978.”

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Hustle And Flow

“My uncle and his ex-wife 1978.”

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Look Into Our Eyes

My mom and her sisters. They were told not to blink. 1978.”

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Grandpa Jack

“Found out that my Grandfather was once Jack Black.”

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Higher Education

“My dad in high school vs. my dad in college. Early to mid 1970’s.”

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