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The Transporter

Tell us what you think is in the box.

(submitted by Emily)


You can always count on Grandma.

(submitted by Annabeth)

Graveyard Shift

Caption Winner: Mourning the loss of her Hyman.

(submitted by Brian Macinanti)


Behind The Awkwardness: The Winner

“I won every academic award possible– math, history, English, science, and computer science. Plus mock trial award. 8th grade. Hotness.”

(submitted by Paul)


Let’s just say she’s a fan.

(submitted by Rae)


Jeckyll & Hyde

A really bad case of split ends.

(submitted by Stacy)

The Hot Mess

Hair and makeup by Debbie.

(submitted by Debbie)

Send In The Clown

She does her own makeup.

(submitted by Zoe)

The Defeated Tomboy

“This is a photo of me during Easter. I absolutely HATED to wear dresses. My mother used to put me in beauty pageants and this was always the end result. Trust me, when a child is forced into something, you’ll know it.”

(submitted by Stephanie)

Facial Hair

Not seeing is believing.

(submitted by Dave)