Say Cheese, You Must - School Photos

Say Cheese, You Must

“Back in 1997, my 8th grade school photo. I made the prop myself. No regrets.”

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Dad Bomb - Dad

Dad Bomb

“Dad photobombed me before my school dance.”

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It’s No Secret - Dad

It’s No Secret

“Never ask your Dad to bring you something at school.”

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Do The Dew

Youtube chef Andy Smith, host of Cooking with Andy, has been making cooking videos since he was a teenager. But recently, he unearthed something a little different: a homemade...
Like Son Like Mother - Halloween

Like Son Like Mother

“Mom dressed up as her son for Halloween.”

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Happily Ever After, Recreated - Mom & Dad

Happily Ever After, Recreated

“The before and after pics here were taken 16 years apart. We have grown into a glorious family!”

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Desert Island Defeatism - Teens

Desert Island Defeatism

“I asked my Japanese students to tell me what they’d do if shipwrecked on a desert island. Things got dark fast.”

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Spider Sense - Friends

Spider Sense

“I love a good story in pictures.”

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Shawl Aboard - Prom

Shawl Aboard

“That time I went to prom and looked like a 45-year-old woman.”

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American Gothic - School Photos

American Gothic

“Eighth grade was an awkward year.”

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